Who is Google Local Guide?

Google has introduced the Google Local Guide program to enhance people’s interactions and also to improve and develop Google Maps. Users in this program can score points and become a local guide by writing comments, sending photos, answering questions, and registering unverified places. You can improve your ranking among the people of the Google Local Guide community just by doing simple things. The local guide has different levels where at each stage only you can take certain actions.

Building and optimizing your Google My Business profile is useful for growing and improving all types of businesses. But if the case is about local businesses, Google My Business, is crucial for them, like brick and stones are necessary in building. With the actions taken by the local guides in Google, the business information is completed and the Google map is gradually completed.

Not every user who uses Google Maps is a Local Guide, but joining this project is easy, just log in to your Google Account and go to the main Google Local Guide website, which is under the Google Maps website.

From now on you are a local map guide or as in the Google global term, Local Guide and you should be careful in your edits, views, and photos on the map and follow the principles to Gradually improve your credibility, both systematically and in terms of tags, and get more users to trust your comments and photos.

How to become a local guide

Who is Google Local Guide?

In the first step, you need to create a Gmail account for yourself and then, enter the Google Local Guide site. As you can see in the image above, you can enter the site by clicking the Join Local Guides button and entering your gmail information. After registering and entering the profile page, you can specify all the activities you have done on Google Maps in this section. Things like commenting, answering questions, editing business information, posting photos, asking questions, and more.

What are the Levels of Local Guide?

Depending on what you do on Google Maps. You get points, and based on the points you get, your levels gradually improve. Depending on the level you can do certain things.

Level one, +0 points

People who have just registered in this program and have not done anything special on Google Map with their Gmail account are at this level. The tasks and accesses given to you at this level are:

You can use Google-hosted workshops and Hangouts.

In the selected country or place, you can register for exclusive Local Guides competitions

You can chat with other people in Local Guides Connect.

Level two, +5 points

At this level, You Get instant access to new Google products and features

And also, you can show your appointments to everyone on the Local Guides calendar

Level three, +50 points

You get the Local Guides tag on Google Maps

And, you are eligible to receive and promote informal communities

Level four, +200 points

You can have a free Google Drive account for one year.

You will have access to the features of Google online channels such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and more

Level five, +500 points

You will be Recognized as a trusted account and you will be able to access Google products and features that have not yet been made public.

You will be accepted in level five Local Guides, which is the highest level.

We have done a lot on Google Maps to create our Google Local Guide account. by registering new places and writing comments for businesses, we gradually increased our score so that we could be a Google guide.

One of the most attractive features of this Google feature is that you can enable the location tracking feature and record information about where you are now.

Up to this point, you have learned all the information you need to know to become a local Google guide, but the main question is how to earn points so that we can improve our level and take advantage of the special features of that level.

Who is Google Local Guide?

How to get points in Google Guide

Generally, there are five ways to increase your score and improve your Google Guide level. These factors include the following. First, log in to Google Maps with your Google Account. You can also do this with the Google Maps app.

  • Post comments on Google Maps locations
  • Upload photos for businesses
  • Add new locations
  • Fix existing location errors
  • Answer the existing questions

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