What is the website analysis?

Website analysis has always been one of the concerns of website owners and webmasters. In this article, we will introduce free online review and analysis for SEO and website analysis.

Nowadays, everyone in society needs information about technology, and can use it even to the extent of their limited knowledge and according to their opinion, which is the abundance of different websites in various fields. Google is no longer a place to send Gmail or find photos and topics, but if you have an online business and a website, Google goes beyond that and plays a powerful role as a partner, which every day is added to its facilities compared to the past.

The website can be reviewed and analyzed in the following ways:

– Advantages and disadvantages of coding

– Advantages and disadvantages of the content management system

– Advantages and disadvantages of your website against competitors Website

– Website UI (User Interface)

– Content marketing and website advertising

– Technical SEO

– Content SEO

– Advantages and disadvantages of internal linking

– Advantages and disadvantages of backlinks

– Content quality (in terms of writing and readability)

– Website loading speed

– Users bounce rate or logging out of the website – Identify the popular and unpopular content

– The amount of inputs and outputs and their effectiveness (requires access the website administration panel)

– Your website keywords and determine Google organic inputs (requires access to the site admin panel)

– The effectiveness of your advertising campaigns (requires access the website management panel and employer cooperation)

If you want to know about the advantaged and disadvantages of your website, it should be analyzed by an expert!

Sometimes a minor bug will ruin all your efforts and sometimes a correction will boost your sales!

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