Some business owners use the black hat SEO method to improve or improve the quality of their SEO site while they are unaware of the harms  of Black Hat SEO on their website.

Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO, means optimizing the site to gain a leading position in the Google search engine.

Many websites appear in Google search engine results, but generally 80% of users meet their needs on the first page of Google, and visits to other pages are rare, which is why websites compete to enter the FIRST page is to optimize websites as much as possible.

SEO site is divided into two parts: internal SEO and external SEO.

Types of SEO

on page seo The first step is to start changing the site strategy to enter the search engines. In other words, in terms of tactics and content, the website is examined by SEO. Internal SEO allows you to manage and optimize the code and content embedded in your website.

Off page seo includes activities outside of your site that are related to backlinks and social networks that the impact of external SEO in gaining website ranking is directly related to how to optimize the internal pages of the website.

What color is your website hat? | The difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO

What color is your website hat? This is the question that website owners are thinking about what kind of SEO to use for their site.

The main rules of  SEO  are divided into two parts: black hat and white hat.

  • White Hat Seo

White hat SEO includes the rules and principles set by Google for optimizing web pages, which takes more time than black hat SEO to get results.

  • Black Hat Seo

Doing actions that are against the rules set by Google is considered black hat SEO and the result of using Black Hat Seo is entering the google spam list.

In order to get a rank in the search engine, the most important issue is to pay attention to and meet the needs of the audience, but in Black Hat SEO, this issue is not taken into account and only by illegal methods, the site rank increases. Therefore, as soon as Google bots are noticed, the website will be penalized and removed from the search results.

In this method, compared to white hat SEO, the result is achieved in a short time, but it is temporary, and due to the constant updating of Google bots, you will quickly experience a sharp drop in rankings.

There are several methods for black hat SEO that we will review some of the most important methods of this type of site SEO in the following. Our purpose in expressing these methods is merely to familiarize you with the use of these destructive techniques.

  • Generate duplicate content

Content is an important part of website optimization, and according to Bill Gates, content is the king of your site. Therefore, inserting unique and quality content is very important. But some people copy and publish content from other sites, which is the most destructive type of black hat SEO, because in addition to being penalized by Google, users also notice that the content is copied, causing a drop in contacts and increasing   your site’s bounce rate .

  • Excessive use of keywords

Keywords play an important role in displaying your website to users, but according to white hat SEO rules, the right number of keywords should be included in the content correctly.  Keyword Stuffing  should be between 1 and 3% of the total number of words written in your content, and if it is more than this amount, you will suffer from Keyword overflow, which is considered by Google as a black hat SEO and your website will be penalized.

  • Hide content

Another way in black hat SEO is to put text on the site that is seen and indexed by Google, but users are not able to see the text that Google crawlers notice this difference and thus remove the website from the pages of search engines.

  • Cloaking

Clocking means inserting text of the same color as the background, which is indexed by Google, but users are not able to see the text because it is the same color as the background.

  • Buy backlinks

The links that websites give to our site to introduce and advertise are called backlinks, which according to the received links, Google realizes the popularity of the website. But some people buy or exchange links through black hat SEO by paying for backlinks.

Other methods of Black Hat Seo in backlink discussion include link farm and a set of pbn links that cause your site to be spammed.

  • Repeat anchor text

Linked keywords are called inline text and if multiple links are created on different keywords from different sites, your website has entered Black Hat SEO.

  • Insert unrelated link

Another technique in black hat SEO is to put a link in the content, by clicking on which we are redirected to a page that has nothing to do with the title of the link, which is called a jump page. In fact, this method aims to deceive and persuade users to click It is based on irrelevant concepts.

  • Spam comments

Posting comments for posts that have nothing to do with the content of the comment is part of Google’s blacklisting, and websites that allow users to post comments are at risk.


Black hat SEO methods are very wide, we have mentioned some of the most important and most used ones. If you want to get acquainted with various methods of Black Hat seo to avoid penalties for your website, you can read all the Google rules from the Webmaster Guidelines page to Do not be penalized and delete the website.

SEO requires knowledge, patience and up-to-date information. An important issue in the website optimization section is choosing a company that will bring your site in the first page rankings of Google through white hat SEO.

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