What is Google robot or shortly, Googlebot?

Googlebot checks the pages of sites and show the results to Google. This bot detects and indexes start-up websites. It also finds information that has been updated on the site pages and updates the Google database. If you want your site to rank well in Google results, you need to upgrade your SEO so that this little robot can crawl well on your site and read all the sections.

 Google bot or web crawler?

All of these phrases have the same meaning, it’s a robot crawling on websites. Googlebot navigates the pages of the site through links and reads new and updated contents and shows what should be added to the index. This is Google’s brain index and where all the information is stored. Google uses many server to send crawlers around the web and find pages and visit and read their content. Googlebot is the same as Google search engine or Google robot and other search engines.

How does Google Bot work?

The Googlebot uses the sitemaps and databases of links discovered in previous searches to determine the next location for crawling. When a crawler finds new links on a site, it adds them to the list of pages for the next visit. If it finds changes in the links or broken links, it puts them in the indexed state of the page and determines how crawlers should crawl the pages. You should check your crawlability to make sure that Google crawls your site properly. If your site is accessible for crawlers, they will often refer to your site pages.

How does Google Bot visit your site?

If you want to know how the Google crawler visits your site and what it does, you can check your site log files or check the Google search console.

Google could not hand out a list of its robots’ IP addresses for many reasons. To discover how Google Bot actually visit your site, you can do a reverse IP search (IP name conversion). You can easily forge a username, but not an IP address.

You can check if a web browser accesses your server (or another Google agent). This is good for your site if you are worried about spammers or other intruders that may access to your site while they claim to be Googlebot.

Google Console Search

The search console is one of the most important tools to accurately check the crawlability of your site. You can check how Google crawls your site. It also gives you a list of bugs that the crawler has found on your site so you can correct them. In the search console, you can tell Crawlers what parts of your site should not be searched and crawled.

 Site optimization for Google Bot

making Googlebot to crawl your site faster is a technical process, and its goal is to remove technical barriers that prevent the crawler from accessing your site. This is a technical process, but it should be familiar to you. If Google can’t search your site well, it can never rank well in search results. So, you have to find these errors and fix them.


Googlebot is a small bot that visits your website. If your website is technically correct and perfect, the robot will visit more often. Also, if you regularly add new content, it will visit your site for updates and indexing. if you make big changes to your site, you may have to callout that small crawler right away to reflect the changes in search results as soon as possible. 

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