What is an enterprise portal?

What is an enterprise portal? Enterprise portal (enterprise information portal or business portal) is a special design of a website that collects data and information from various sources in a single form. this is designed and produced with considering the specific needs of an organization and also providing services to the personnel, customers and managers of an organization. The enterprise portal or web portal of the website is used for managing the information of people and processes inside or outside the borders of an organization in a unified form. also, it gives the opportunity to your employees and customers to be integrated and organized. The enterprise portal and the facilities that are offered within it can be wide and varied according to the needs of the organization. Here are some of the features that can be found in an enterprise portal, including:
  • Information such as emails and communicational and informational systems
  • Business systems
  • Portal management and configuration tools
  • Security management tools
  • Reporting on various software such as accounting software
  • Document management system and preparing reports
  • Informing and preparing organizational news
  • Collecting articles and encyclopedias
  • Group collaborations for completing tasks
  • Search engines and…

Benefits of an enterprise portal:

The enterprise portal is designed and implemented to facilitate access to information along with increasing the physical security of information. In other words, By facilitating communication, improving processes, increasing the ability to evaluate performance, ultimately performance improvements are designed and implemented. The more staff an organization has, the more it will be necessary to have an enterprise portal. This does not mean that small organizations do not need an enterprise portal, but all companies and organizations can benefit from using it by launching an organizational portal and increasing their efficiency.

Setup steps to follow:

enterprise portal, to succeed in this path, we must go through several steps so that the time and money spent will be effective.
  1. In the first step, the organization should be evaluated as a whole unit to estimate the overall dimensions of the portal based on the number of staff and the size of the organization.
  2. We need to examine the infrastructure of the organization. How many employees can be connected to the internal network and what technical equipment is in the organization?
  3. Now we need to identify the weaknesses of the organization in terms of productivity and costly and unprincipled processes so that we can prioritize them for correction.
  4. then we can decide on how to solve the problems found. In the technical dimension, there are many methods and tools for doing this. Business-ready software, open-source and free software can be used to create a portal in decision-making and implementation.
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