What is a site cache? The use of site cache

Site Cache usage; Google Cache is a saved image or copy of a website that can be retrieved from the server. This copy is saved when the search engine is indexing the site, which helps SEO website owners a lot in SEO. Basically, the reason for this is to store the content of the site pages. To do this, Google takes photos of the websites, scans them, and then saves the original version. The captured photos act as backups to be in accordance with users’ queries. In fact, cache is divided into two categories: web browser cache and proxy cache.

The web browser cache is used on the user’s computer and the proxy cache is used in the network and can be responsive to more than one user.

Therefore, all cached websites inside the indexers are categorized and indexed; however, these websites may not be shown to the user and only a saved image of them will be displayed in search results. If you want to access all Google cached pages, you have to wait for the indexers to pinpoint the platform of the saved photos.

To make the site index faster and easier to access on the Internet, many website owners use a site design that its indexing is faster. Note that if the content of a site changes, it must be indexed again and a new file will be formed to replace the previous one. This means that only the most relevant and up-to-date content is displayed in search results. Online information is vulnerable and can be changed or deleted at any time. Typically, the lifespan of a page is between 6 and 11 weeks. If the content of a site is not photographed or copied at the right time, it is likely that Google will not save it and as a result it will be inaccessible for users. Fortunately, there is a platform called Google Web Archive that includes all the websites that have ever been created. This platform is like an online library that gives you access to all the sites and their content. You can also search for that site and content according to the date the archive was copied from.

What is Google caching sites for?           

Web archiving is on the agenda of Google crawlers. When a crawler is sent to your site, it searches your site through hyperlinks and copies the content. So when you do a Google search for a keyword, what you get are some links that can take you to the original version of a site.

Sometimes, the current version of a site is not available for some reason. Cache can help us in conditions like the followings:

  • When a site has recently been removed by its creator.                   

Imagine you need the content of a site but this site has just been removed. A copy of this site is stored on a server and you can easily access it.

  • Site traffic congestion                                                                                   

 This happens when there are a lot of requests from the server resulting in too much traffic on an Internet route. Thus, the server needs cached copies to provide to some users.

  • View the last time a crawler scanned the site.                                        

The time and date of the last indexing can be seen at the top of the site page.    

What is a site cache? The use of site cache

The slowness of the site loading   

If you can reduce the duration between the user request and the server, you will also reduce the loading time of the site; Therefore, the speed of the site will also increase.

So, the cache of a website is very important and helps your site to load faster; this way, visitors will see the requested information as soon as they click on a link.

How to view cached pages?

To see the cached version of a website page, you can follow the steps below:

1-Search the URL of a website.

2-If you are using Google Browser, type the phrase cache after the site URL, and if you are using another browser, click the triangle down next to the green URL to show you the cache section.

Another way to view a page’s cache is to use Google cache checker tool. With the help of this tool, as well as checking the Google cache, you can also make sure that there is a site in the Google search results pages which is very important in SEO.

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