What is a content farm?

Content farm is a method of black hat SEO in which webmasters use duplicate and poor quality content within their site to increase their site ranking in Google. In this method, the sites that are called content farm do not care about the value of content production and they only copy the content of other sites.

What does the content farm include?

Content fields include the following, respectively:

  • Short articles, general articles that are shallow and thin in content or with no name.
  • Lots of ads
  • Links to other sites
  • Information copied from other sites

Panda algorithm is a way to face with the content farm

Panda algorithm is a kind of Google algorithm in which the criterion is user satisfaction. It can be said that Panda is a kind of filtering for low quality and short content. According to this algorithm, sites that have worthless content must produce good content in order not to be penalized by Google. A content that does not have useless phrases and is user-friendly and understandable. The Panda algorithm was created to prevent creating content farms on sites.

What is a content farm?

What is advertorial?

One of the ways used in SEO is advertorial. An advertorial is an article or reportage which at first, it doesn’t seem to have advertising content and is like a normal article, but in fact it is a completely promotional text for a product or site, in which there are at least three to five keywords that are linked to the advertiser site. Advertorials are usually placed on news sites that have high traffic and high authority (domain validity of the site). As you know, getting backlinks from other sites is a very effective way to rank the site and increase site traffic.

Advertorial and its connection to the content farm

When we want to have a advertorial on a site, we must be aware of the lack of content on this site. Before writing an advertorial, check the host site to have a low spam score, as well as a valid domain.

What is Spam Score?

Spam scores are criteria defined by MOZ Company, and based on them a websites subdomains is checked to not to be spams. The company has identified 17 factors. If a site has 0 to 4 factors out of 17, it is one of the good sites. If it has between 5 and 7 factors, it is on the verge of being spam, and the so-called spam score of the site is high, and it must use methods to reduce it. And if it has 8 to 17 factors, it means that it is one of the spam sites and will be expired by Google soon. The higher spam score shows the more SEO rules you have ignored for your site.

What is a content farm?

Evaluating Web Pages, How to Identify a Content Farm?

To evaluate sites, pay attention to their source of information, especially for web pages, because there is no quality control and anyone can put content on the website.

Consider these factors when evaluating a resource:

  • For websites, you should often check the homepage or About Us page to see who is behind a resource.
  • Learn more about the site’s point of view and orientation.
  • Think about the content of the site and see how important and valuable it is.
  • You may not have enough information on a subject to analyze, so look for solid evidence such as research studies and statistics. Are there any references to other sources used by the author? These show that information is based on research rather than opinion.

The last word

Using a good, quality and effective content always leads the audience to trust the site or brand. Audience trust leads to the use of the product and in the case of sites, the content will be shared on social networks. All this leads to a positive score from Google and becoming a high ranking site in Google search results. So always value your brand or site audience and do not neglect to provide the desired content. Vancouver SEO Company, the provider of SEO services, helps your site to produce quality and principled content. To contact the experts, you can contact the numbers listed on the website.

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