What is a CDN or Content delivery network?

Most SEO persons may know CDN as a network of servers located around the world that send information from a site equipped with this technology from the nearest server to the user’s geographical location. CDN or content delivery network by using a very powerful Firewall is able to detect and destroy attacks on your site in the shortest time, and plays an important role in increasing security and SEO of your site. Follow us to explain the concept of CDN in a more specialized way.

Introducing a CDN or content delivery network

CDN is the abbreviated form of the term Content Delivery Network, it is a very practical technology that has a great impact on improving the performance and increasing the loading speed of sites. With CDN technology, the speed of sending information to users is increased and the loading time of pages is greatly reduced. In the following, we will describe the mechanism of CDN, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to activate it.

Explain the mechanism of action of CDN

We said that the CDN service has a great impact on improving the performance and speed of sites. But the question is, by what mechanism and how does the content delivery network cause these results:

The content delivery network (CDN) covers all the servers of the World Wide Web. Therefore, when you enable this system for your site, this service makes a copy of the downloadable information of your site (such as CSS code files, Javascript code files, multimedia files, etc.) or in other words, the static content of the website. And stores it on its various nodes or servers (which are also popular in different parts of the world). Now when a user enters your site from anywhere in the world, he can receive the content of your site including images and texts from the nearest server and does not connect directly to your host or server. This will dramatically increase the loading speed of the site and ultimately improve the SEO of your site.

What is a CDN or Content delivery network?

In general, CDNs can be divided into two categories:

Public CDNs: Some CDNs, such as Cloudflare, copy and paste the entire site.

Specialized CDNs: Some other CDNs focus on specific content such as multimedia and fixed files such as JavaScript and CSS.

CDN technology can act as an energy bomb to speed up the site for those sites that have users from different geographical locations. To determine the effect of CDN on site speed, you can compare your performance with tools such as Pingdom and GTmetrix after and before activation.

Advantages of using a CDN

  • Increasing the site speed and visitor satisfaction
  • Improving the status of SEO
  • Getting better rankings in Google search results
  • Reducing bandwidth consumption and traffic
  • Increasing the number of pages reviewed per day by Google robots
What is a CDN or Content delivery network?

Disadvantages of using a content delivery network

Using this service has its own disadvantages in addition to its advantages. In fact, the content delivery network is not at all cost-effective for sites that do not have many visitors.

Uneconomical for low traffic sites

Delays in making changes to the site: Sites that use the content delivery network have to make changes to their site by the CDN provider, which is a bit time-consuming. Especially for sites that are constantly making changes to their site. Imagine if this service is used in the design of a news website. The time is a really important factor here because they should upload news as fast as possible and Of course, this is not possible with the mentioned problem.

How to buy a CDN service

You can pay for this or you can get for free. the most famous examples that you have to pay are MaxCDN, VPS.net, and Amazon Cloudfront, and among these MaxCDN may be the best in terms of costs.

companies that offer CDN services for free.

There are also services that offer public content delivery network (CDN) services for free, which includes:

  • Google CDN service
  • Microsoft CDN service
  • jsDelivr CDN service
  • cdnjs CDN service
  • jQuery CDN service

The final word

Before using any of these services, it is for best to do a research among them first also don’t forget to pay attention to other customers’ feedback on the performance of these services. In This way you can make sure that the service you are using is reliable and does not interfere with the performance of your site.

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