What is a broken link?

Imagine that your website visitors, when entering the site and receiving the content that  they want, reach a broken link and encounter a 404 error page.

No doubt all of them will leave your site; But in addition to this, 88% of Internet users do not return to a site where they have had a bad user experience.

Therefore, this broken link not only reduces your site traffic, but also damages your credibility in the process. Also, the presence of such links on the site will cause damage to the SEO site.

Fortunately, you can fix them and in this article we will show you how to fix these links. We will first explain what a broken link is and what causes it, then we will look at how to find and fix them so that your site does not lose its other visitors.

What is a broken link?

A broken link is a link to a page that does not work, and if a user clicks on such a link, they will enter the 404 page or receive an error message.

Imagine you are searching for photography courses on Google. You click on one of the results and expect a page with photography courses. When the link is broken, what you see is a 404 error page telling you that the page you are looking for is not available.

What is a 404 error and why does it matter?

Avoiding having broken links on the website is very useful in SEO; But we also need to have a 404 page as a precaution. When a user tries to enter a broken link, they are automatically redirected to the 404 page, and if we have designed this page well, the user may stay on our site longer.

A purposeful and appropriate 404 page notifies the user that the page is inaccessible and provides links to other content and articles. Also having a link to the main page and a search box on this page can be useful.

What is a broken link?

Why is there a broken link on our site?

The most common reasons for this are:

  • Typing error when creating link
  • Delete an entire image, movie, file, or webpage
  • Rename or redirect the page and forget to update your internal links
  • Link to content such as images, videos, or PDFs that have been deleted or moved
  • Rename the domain and move the site to a new URL

For whatever reason, broken links are frustrating errors that need to be fixed quickly.

Why are broken links a problem?

A broken link does not look very bad; But the fact is that it can seriously damage your website, reputation and business. This can damage your site in the search engine rankings and user experience of your site and also cause you to lose customers and revenue.

Broken link damage to the site, Broken links cause the following problems.

User experience

If your site has broken links that prevent users from accessing the information you need, it is likely that users will go to the next site that will be one of your competitors.

Credit and income

No matter how much time and resources you invest in attracting customers to your site, if a bad site is something that users encounter, all your efforts will be wasted. How can users trust to deliver their credit card information or details to an untrusted site?

Site ranking in Google

While Google has stated that just having one or two broken links on a site will not affect search engine page ranking (SERP) pages, it does show in other ways.

When crawlers encounter a broken link, they waste time checking the link to identify it as a broken link. So they can categorize it under the same heading. This wastes the crawler budget that could have been used on good pages and damaged the chances of these pages ranking well in search results.

But the damage of these links to SEO does not end here. Usually when visitors encounter a broken page on the site, they will leave within a few seconds.

With less time spent by users on your site, search engine algorithms assume this is because you are not providing visitors with quality content or information related to their search, and this obviously leads to rankings lower and higher the bounce rate of your website.

What is a broken link?

Solutions for repairing broken links

Vancouver SEO Company, by providing tools for analyzing page links and tools for examining broken and damaged links, allows you to check all the links of your pages in the shortest time and at no cost, and if there is any Problem in them, fix that.

There are other solutions to repair broken links, some of which are mentioned below.

Before posting, check the links you put.

If you have changed the site URL, be sure to use a 301 redirect to click on the previous link to open a new page.

Specify limited access to pages. For example, if the link was only for site members, mention it next to the link.

When creating a blog, try to design a simple URL so that it is not difficult for users to enter.


You can not ignore these links due to the serious damage that broken links can do to your SEO, reputation and revenue.

Now that you have the information and tools to check, find and fix broken links, do not waste time. Do this now (as well as periodically) because you will experience a lot of losses every day when a broken link is placed on your website..

Do it now!

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