What are h1-h6 heading tags in SEO

observing the classified and regular structure of the website is One of the most important factors in ranking websites from Google’s point of view. In fact, one of the most important things that are done in the SEO process of sites is configuring the site and creating a classified internal structure for it, which is done by modifying the heading tags. In this article, we want to know more about heading tags and analyze their impact on SEO.

Heading Tags (H1-H6)

Heading tags, as their name implies, are in fact in the role of headlines that have to create a regular and organized content structure for the site. Heading tags contain 6 tags, which are defined with H1 to H6. The most important of these is the H1 heading tag, which is used as the main headline of an article. The most important point in using heading tags is to maintain the H1 to H6 hierarchy, and if this order is maintained following the semantic order of the text, these tags can have a positive effect on the SEO site.

In general, there are two ways to structure site content using header tags. The first and most common method is to have one H1 tag on each page as the main headline, and probably several H2 header tags and other sub-tags in the text.

The second method, which is also based on HTML version 5, is that in HTML version 5, each section starts with an H1 tag. This is done to make it easier to combine multiple components into one page. This method is not problematic in theory, but it is a bit difficult to understand. Therefore, we recommend the first method in each site.

Why is the H1 tag the most effective one?

we mentioned that the H1 tag is the most important in the set of heading tags and that is why it is very important for SEOs. Now we want to find the cause of this issue.

One of the most important reasons is the text written with H1 is usually the largest text on a page and expresses the main title and purpose of the page. This has caused the H1 tag to be automatically set to value in some common content managements systems such as Joomla and WordPress. Of course, in some dedicated CMSs, these tags are automatically filled in with the title of the website by some programmers, such as the management of common content.

What are h1-h6 heading tags in SEO

How to structure H1H6 heading tags

One of the most important tasks of an SEO expert during site analysis is to check the heading tags that are properly formed in terms of structure, text selection, and display, or if they are not defined on the site. now, we show how to write heading tags so that you can use it in the implementation of internal SEO of your site:

main headings

First headline

first headline subset

Second headline

In terms of how heading tags are structed , the H1 tag is usually displayed with the largest and thickest font possible, and the H6 tag has the smallest font among the available fonts.

Do’s and Don’ts in Optimizing H1- H6 Tags

  • Never equate your site title tag with your site h1 tag.
  • Do not fill heading tags with keywords
  • Do not use the h1 tag more than once on a page.
  • Do not use duplicate heading tags on different pages and try to use unique headlines in other posts.
  • Maintain the order of tags in your text content.
What are h1-h6 heading tags in SEO

importance of heading tags in SEO

Of course, if you have followed the educational content of our website before, you know that there is a basic principle in SEO, and that is that Google’s satisfaction with your site which due to user satisfaction with your site.

observing heading tags and optimizing them has helped you to organize your site better and this also leads to more user satisfaction, so it is natural that optimizing heading tags plays an important role in Improving your SEO.

Finally, it should be noted that if during the implementation of SEO techniques based on the principles mentioned in the collection of Vancouver SEO blog articles, you need advice and questions and answers, our experts in our team are ready to Answer your questions.

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