Website design tips

After purchasing the desired host and domain to set up the website and install the content management system required, the next step in front of you is to design a template for the site.

When a user enters the site, the design of your site is the first thing that catches his attention. A beautiful site design can give the user a sense of peace and comfort and keep him on your site for a long time, but if it is irregular, at first glance, it will cause the user to stop navigating your site and leave

This article examines the important points in site design that are necessary for all professional and novice users and can prevent many mistakes. As a web designer, you need to make sure that the visitor becomes a regular user of your site at first glance.

Below we will introduce some of the important points in site design

Website design tips


  1. Have an attractive color scheme
  2. Pay more attention to font size and type
  3. Easy navigation in menus
  4. Use quality and creative images
  5. Design a suitable contact form
  6. Speed ​​up the site

Requirements in site design

Before deciding to set up a site for our company or business, we need to answer the following questions:

  1.  Why do you need to design a site for your business?
  2. Does your website have only a display aspect or do you want to increase your sales profit by having it?
  3. Does the design of your site have only the aspect of introducing the company?
  4. Are you thinking of designing an online store site and want to offer your products directly to the customer through it?

These are the questions that arise before any design and launch of a corporate site, it is better to clearly define your goal first so that when ordering a corporate site design and after that, you do not have problems. I suggest that before making a decision, be sure to contact vancouver SEO site design consultants so that they can guide you better.

SEO and optimization in website design

One of the most important demands of customers when designing a site is SEO and optimization.

But unfortunately, many customers do not know the meaning and principles of SEO and only know that by SEOing the site on the keyword they want to be seen in Google.

It cannot be said that this way of thinking is wrong, but it can be said that it is not complete and correct. Site SEO in simple language is the implementation of principles and rules in coding and site updates that increase the ranking of a site’s keywords.

SEO and optimization means creating and creating content and links suitable for search engines such as Google. Part of the SEO principles are done by the site designer at the beginning of the contract, from graphic design to coding and launching the site, and the other part is done by the site sponsor and the author, who can follow the rules by both sites to place the best position on any number of keywords. Earn on Google.

Normally, after launching the site, business owners do not have enough time to make updates, which fortunately, vancouver SEO design team with experienced writers and site supporters has solved this problem.

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