Ways to Get Backlinks from Reportage writing

To receive backlinks, your website must have appropriate, quality content. One of the types of content that can increase your website traffic is the reportage an ad. Reportage is not a part of white hat SEO, but it is one of the ways that if the rules are followed and the content looks natural, it can increase the position of the website.

For this reason, writing such content requires its own method, which we will discuss in the following important points for more effective ad reportage for your site.

The impact of ad reportage on SEO

In the link building section, the important point is the site from which you receive the link. The better the position of the website in Google; the effectiveness of the link you receive is also greater. Because of that, they use reportage for publishing news from news websites that have more credibility with Google than other websites.

An issue that is very important in writing ad reportage; it is its quality. This means that the text should be 100% unique and indirectly advertise your product or brand your business. Also you should notice that the links you receive must be “follow” to be obtained to the desired result you are looking for this.

Important points about writing reportage

As we mentioned in the previous section, in order to write such content, you must indirectly introduce your product. While it should also maintain the appearance of a news content. Before writing a reportage, be sure to pay attention to the following points so that you can produce useful and effective content for your site.

Content topic

To start writing reportage, you must first determine its subject. Topics may include a new service on your site or the introduction of business products.

Key words

An important issue in producing any type of content is keyword selection. This is also very important for reportage. After determining the topic, you should find words that fit the theme of your content and link to the desired pages. For this purpose, you can use SEO tools.

Determine the title or title of the content

To attract users to reportage the ads and increase site visitors, you must use attractive, unique titles.

Reportage text

The content of reportage consists of several parts.

  1. Introduction
  2. main text
  3. Introducing a company or business
  4. Conclusion

Introduction is a significant part of content writing. According to the introduction of your article and especially its first paragraph, you can encourage the user to continue reading the content. So notice that it is very important to write attractively and catch the reader curiosity to the content.

Then write your original text and re-use the main words of your site and the trailing keywords in your text appropriately and in compliance with the law of vocabulary density.

One of the features of this type of content is that Google crawlers quickly index ad reportage, and if the parameters of such content are observed, it will quickly have the desired effect on your site.

Note that link building can be just like a platform to jump websites; it may also cause them to fall. For this reason, it must be done by skilled people so carefully.


In general, do not publish any content without including unique, high-quality photos. This also applies to ad reportage.

Key points to get backlinks from Reportage writing

Linking in reportage

The main purpose of producing a reportage and publishing it is to receive the link. For this purpose, be careful that you do not receive abnormal and excessive backlinks. Link with landlords related to landing and the main page of your site, and also if you can use reputable websites in your text and link to that site. Finally, finish your reportage with an attractive and effective action with Cal To.


Reportage is a way to get quality backlinks on SEO. However, considering that news sites should be paid for this issue, and in a way, buying backlinks from Google’s point of view should be done with caution and protection of all aspects so that there is no problem for the sites.

We hope that by following the tips in this article, you will be able to publish an effective reportage for your site and boost your business by increasing traffic and sales.

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