tips on how to write a professional meta description

Meta Description or the golden sentences that on the Google SERP page give you a description of the titles you are looking for, after the content title, this is the most effective factor to attract user’s attention and finally making them to click on your website URL. The strong impact of the meta description on increasing website traffic and ultimately its impact on SEO has caused us to address it in this article and show you 10 super-professional tips in writing a super-meta description. So, stay tuned.

Afterall, what is a meta description?

As we mentioned above, Meta Description is a text and description about the page or website that is under the heading of results in Google and among other meta tags is one of the most important.

When discussing about the importance of description and SEO, you should remember that if a page on your website does not have a Meta Description tag, Google itself will automatically display 160 characters from the first paragraph of text on the page as a description.

In the following, we will show you how to write the best Meta Description for different pages of a website.

tips on how to write a professional meta descriptions

10 practical and important tips in writing an optimal and professional meta description

  • Tip 1: Take the time to write the meta description separately. (Never copy part of your content as a description.)

Actually its really common for many web writers to copy a portion of their content text into one or two sentences and place it in the meta description box just to fill the description box in their website admin panel. dont do this , take your time to generate specific content for your meta tag description box again. Because if you do not pay attention to this part, you will lose the great chance of attracting the user through the optimal meta description.

  • Tip 2: Write meta descriptions to attract users, not for Google

Google ranks a website when that website has a special place for the users. In fact, if a site can satisfiey users with the way it works, in such a situation, Google will give that website a higher ranking than its competitors. For this reason, it is enough for you, as a webmaster, to prioritize the user’s opinion in everything you do, to finally satisfy Google and improve your SEO.

  • Tip 3: Before writing a description for your content, analyze the similar description of your competitors.

Before writing a Meta Description, analyze your competitors and then try to write a different description than other competitors so you can encourage the users to click on the link to your website. This is a very practical and professional technique in scripting.

  • Tip 4: pay attention to character limitations in scripting.

Note that the Description meta tag must be between 150 and 160 characters long. If the number of characters is more than 160 characters, only the first 160 characters will be displayed by search engines and the rest will be displayed as dots (…).

  • Tip 5: Do not duplicate your meta descriptions

One of the common mistakes among many webmasters is not paying attention to producing high-quality content for the description, so we often see that the description content of many pages is completely duplicated and similar. Although two similar meta descriptions cannot cause a particular problem for your site, but instead of copying it when you have nothing to write meta, leave it blank. Google itself fills this section for you according to the content. If you cannot spend all the time generating meta-pages, work on the main pages and categories and the ones that are important to you.

  • Tip 6: Use your website keywords optimally in the description.

Try to use your text keywords in a balanced way for your Meta Description. In fact, when writing a description meta tag, do not use keywords spammy and in a row, and instead make good and attractive sentences. Do not forget to follow the grammar and rules of writing when writing sentences.

  • Tip 7: Curious the visitor.

You can use questions in your meta descriptions, questions that you know exactly what people are looking for. This will make your audience feel that they can find the answers to all their questions on your site.

  • Tip 8: Use your brand name in the description optimally.

A meta description is a good opportunity to show the most important target sentences to the user, so it can be a good opportunity to show your brand name to your users. Make the most of this golden opportunity for your branding.

  • Tip 9: Use numbers and symbols in your description.

If your site is a store or you are talking about a specific product, you can invite the audience to your store by writing your special discount percentages or offers.

  • Tip 10: Write your meta description tag in a compelling, engaging, and different way, and be honest.

Our most important goal in writing attractive and engaging descriptions is to actually attract the user to the website. Now, if we write a description has no trace of that content on our website, we have increased our site bounce rate, not our site traffic.

So, if you are honest, your meta description will be attractive enough so that your audience can be attracted to it just by searching on Google and viewing and clicking on it.

Also, don’t forget that when you talk about something specific in your description, try to make your explanation completely clear so that people are attracted to your site by reading a line. In fact, after reading your meta, people should imagine what article they will encounter after clicking on this site.

The last word

At the end of this article, we need to reiterate the importance of producing high-quality and optimized content for the meta description tag.

Do it now!

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