The negative effects of link farms on websites

Link farms and content farms, which are considered as black hat SEO, are topics that most business owners are interested in and are looking forward to implement them on their websites, because they believe that it increases the website ranking in search engines quickly. link farms are group of low-quality links that are given to sites from a single site without considering the parameters set by Google in link building. Linking plays an important role in SEO, so webmasters in the past used to use the link farm to get a good ranking in Google for their site, but with the advent of the Penguin algorithm, linking rules changed significantly and the search engine Google has included the use of Link Farm as a black hat SEO.

Important link building tips to gain a place in Google search engine

Despite the Penguin algorithm, there are still sites that sell bulk links for more profit, and webmasters build link farms without considering the disadvantages of using the link farms, in results their website will be listed in the Google spam list. to create a link, you should consider the items that create a high quality link and have the desired effect on the site ranking for search engines, especially Google, which is the most rigorous search engine in terms of link building.

These factors should be included:

  • Domain Authority
Domain Authority as Da is rated somewhere between 0 and 100, and when its closer to 100, naturally it means that the domain is more valid within Google standards and has a better ranking. The most effective factor in increasing the domain authority is by using quality external links.
  • Page Authority
Page Authority, also known as pa, plays an important role in Google’s linking and ranking. This parameter is also measured between 0 and 100.
  • Number of links
The number of links to your site shouldn’t be abnormal, otherwise you will be spammed.
  • Theme of websites
Another thing to consider is that the site you want to build backlinks is should be in line with your site in terms of subject and content to get the results you want to have.
  • spam score checker
If a site that is on Google Spam List links to you in terms of Google search engine, you will be known as a spam linking site and your website will have problems, so check the website before Spamscore linking. You can use the MOZ website to measure da, pa, and site spam score. Backlinks are used in two ways, follow and no-follow. No Follow does not transfer value to your site, but Do-Follow transfers part of the value of the linking site. In link farm, follow links were used, but today, to avoid being penalized a combination of the following and no follow is used by Google to make links look natural.

How to remove link farm from website

If you have made a farm link without being aware of its disadvantages, you can remove them from your website and also after google approval you can remove your site from the spam list. First, remove all backlinks from your site. Download all backlinks registered by Google through the console search in the link section. Then save the link farm backlinks with the txt extension in text file in the downloaded file. Upload the text file containing the link farm links to the disavow tool and send it to Google. Sometimes your competitors may create spam links for your website. In this case, you can use the disavow tool to inform Google that these links do not belong to your website.


Of course, every webmaster wants to be in the first ranks of the search engine, but you should keep in mind that with black hat SEO methods, you cannot achieve this goal, and your website wont appear in the first page of Google. With an SEO site, and white hat SEO, you can be on the first page of Google in a principled and permanent way. Vancouver SEO Company with a team of SEO experts in Vancouver can help you to achieve the first rank of Google. For a free specialized consultation, you can contact our colleagues in the SEO section of the site through the following numbers.

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