The importance of keywords in SEO

One of the most important factors that is really a necessary background for starting such projects is identifying the keywords related to a business. The keywords are those words or short phrases that Internet users might search on search engines like google and access your site. Keywords are the most important words that describe the services or products you offer to your customers. A professional SEO worker should be able to identify and extract and then review and analyze keywords related to a business and know how competitive these words are at this point in time. In order to improve the status of a site to get top rankings in Google search engine; precise determination of keywords makes it possible to start and continue the optimization project and SEO site in accordance with a careful and calculated planning.

Internal or on page SEO

The set of techniques and methods that optimize various parameters within web pages fall into the category of internal seo. These parameters are directly related to the design of the template as well as the structure and coding of each page, and the main, key and main activity in optimization projects is related to on-page SEO. At this stage, the following will be considered:

  • Template design (no possible coding errors)
  • Do not use Inline css
  • Check the standard url
  • and how to address web pages
  • Content optimization
  • Being standard in the number of using keywords in content of each page
  • Optimize the title of internal pages and the home page
  • Check the meta tags used
  • Standardization of internal links
  • Optimize images and …
  • How Google Search Engine Works!

External SEO or off page

In this stage, if page on has well done on a site, can complement the process of optimization and SEO site. The methods used in this step standardize the external parameters of a site that directly affect the SEO status; therefore, they must be done carefully and with no mistakes to have positive results. External SEO should be done in a coordinated way and align with internal SEO in order to play a complementary role. In general, some of the methods that have been used since a long time ago for off page SEO are:

1-Get valid links from valuable websites related to the topic of the site

2-Continuous activity on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn and…

3-Share useful content and articles of the site with internet users.

White Hat SEO

A general term to describe the standard and principled actions taken on a site is white hat SEO, which means that no prohibited methods have been used to optimize web pages, and no violations have been committed, and completely they meet the standards of Google search engine. If you use the right methods for SEO and non-repetitive and valuable content, you will see its positive effects after a while, and as you see progress, you will notice that your site has been noticed by Google. The presumption of website optimization is to use sensible methods that fall into the category of white hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO

There are some methods that can improve your site’s ranking in Google in a short period of time, but most of these methods have been identified and obsolete by Google. There are a few people accept the risk of using methods called black hats SEO; Because it is definitely considered a violation and there is a possibility of spam and penalization of your site.

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