The effect of negative SEO on ranking

Unlike some hacker activities that you expect to disrupt or destroy a site, a negative SEO attack does not affect the appearance of your website; But when your site enters the search engine ranking space, its effects will be completely clear. We all know that since the arrival of the Penguin algorithm updates, Google has imposed cruel penalties on sites that use black hat SEO. So, it is easy to imagine that your nearest competitor will start using these procedures on your site to penalize you. This is what is commonly known as negative SEO.

 SEO attacks with bad links

Almost as expected, an SEO attack affects both internal and external SEO.

external page SEO

As the name implies, an external negative SEO attack occurs without changing your site. In general, with such an attack, the attacker, using black hat SEO techniques or other negative SEO techniques and focusing them on the target site, causes severe damage to the external SEO of the target site.

internal page SEO

This type of attack is somewhat unique and mainly focuses on hacking your site and changing it. Just a few moments are enough for the other person to start interfering in the layout of your site. A programmer can effortlessly disrupt your site and generally destroy everything you have tried to collect.

also, a negative SEO link requires a lot of effort and activity and generally its insecure. In other words, negative SEO has a high-risk and low-value; Only if there is a completely convincing explanation, someone may try to do it.

The effect of negative SEO on ranking

Sites that are more likely to focus on SEO are sites that are in the most serious and highly lucrative fields.

The most effective way to protect your website from bad links and negative SEO attacks is site recognition. The first step in securing your site is to detect any signs of an attack. For example, a sudden and sharp drop can be a sign of a negative SEO attack. Viewing your site traffic and reviewing and analyzing it continuously through Google Analytics is not a difficult task and in fact, it is one of the requirements of a site with good and high SEO.


Protecting SEO is better than regretting the lost effort. Since you are now familiar with negative SEO, take your time to review negative SEO from time to time and, if necessary, resolve it using any method that is appropriate for you. In addition, by having a good SEO site and strong and suitable content for everyone, you can simply avoid any motivations to attack your site in any case.

Website links play an important and influential role in SEO. For Google, the way you link and the quality of your website backlinks is very important. Page link analysis tool is a free tool for accurate analysis of your site links. The thing about this tool is that it will accurately evaluate your website links, and it is better to examine all of the pages of your site separately and avoid reviewing the whole site at once. If you need to analyze your SEO, you can contact us.

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