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Phase 2; project development and implementation

How does the user evaluate the experience of working with the system? What is the required architecture and technology portfolio? How is the scale and expansion of the system? What are the challenges of this path?

Steps for web development and application solutions

Designing mobile applications, web designs, or developing an integrated business platform are each done by specific teams that are supervised by a technical manager and a product manager. Back-End, Web, Android, iOS, and Data are parts of the basic system architecture, and the executive team roadmap would be designed and modeled before the proposal was implemented.

The system design generally includes the following components.

Creating a Corporate Identity of the system

Development of basic system infrastructure

Developing a release plan according to schedule

Phase to phase delivery of systems

providing a final version of the system

Creating a Corporate Identity, UI/UX design with a look at the CX or customer experience

Corporate identity is part of the branding process. The corporate identity is typically visualized by creating an image of the business in the public mind. In this way, a set of images, icons, colors, templates, and even text formats are created as a single and integrated business signature. This integrated collection can be seen wherever the user interacts with the brand. The importance of UI designs and creating a user experience consistent with corporate identity helps the business to ride the wave of customer relationships and sales with a successful strategy.

Based on the modeling done for the system, and after the coordination between the Back-End, Front-End teams, and the development of the market involved in the project, the UI/UX design requirements including the icon designs, colors, templates, and the user experience path, will be delivered to the expert.

Corporate identity, digital footprint

User experience in system design

The importance of customer experience or CX in the system

UI system design principles.

Development of basic online system infrastructure based on modeling

Every building needs a solid foundation. In this phase of the development, each of the Back-end, Server Side and Front-end teams will establish their intended infrastructure.

The importance of preparing these infrastructures, which includes preparing the server, designing web services, and setting up the gate, is to speed up the development process when starting the next step.

How to Create a release plan according to schedule

At this stage, the technical team determines the release plan and phases of system development based on the schedule announced in the contract. The release plan is a product development planning and that is like a roadmap in the hands of the development team.

Of course, the release plan is constantly updated in the technical team sprint review sessions as the work progresses.

In sustainable teams that follow processes according to Agile methodology, the speed of development is significantly higher than in other cases. At each stage of the sprint, a phase is provided for review and comment.

In each phase, the following steps are performed according to the release plan:

Subsystem development

According to the release plan, the system development is done in different project teams.

Provide the initial phase version.

In each phase, the teams deliver the initial version developed in the sprints for review.

Get feedback and complete development.

Based on the Sprint feedback, the teams will perform the necessary reviews on the provided version and complete the development.

Final release and comments

Codification of next phase feedback At the end of each phase, the final version of that phase is presented under a release for comments and reviews to be applied. The release plan team then plans the next phase.

Phase to phase delivery systems

In the iteration-based development model or as we say Iterative Development model, the process of designing a mobile application, site design, or other business platform breaks into smaller phases. Each phase includes the processes of scheduling, planning, design, development, testing, and release.

At the end of each phase, a stable and deliverable release is delivered to the employer. This process makes the final testing of the system faster. The employer can partially launch his platform in the market, and it is possible to add the employer’s implicit ideas to the project.

Develop a marketing plan

In the delivery phases of the project, parts of the platform are prepared and fully delivered to the client. In this way, the marketing team of the client collection can start the process of developing a marketing plan, creating Awareness in the market and marketing along with product development.

Attracting the user and create the initial User Base

By delivering mobile applications and websites in separate phases, the employer can attract first users to his system through marketing processes. These users play a very important role in the learning processes in intelligent systems.

Limited product launch

Often in the early stages, one of the applications or part of the platform or site is ready for the launch. With the advice of Vancouver Seo business team, the employer can launch that part of the product as a test in the App Store or make the site publicly available to the public, according to the organization's schedule.

Get a certificate of good workmanship.

After completing receiving the project; the employer examines the system in terms of business issues and market logic. In market research and analysis of the system based on business needs, they often show their cases that will be solved in improving the system.

For example, in designing an online taxi application such as Snap or Uber, the driver may still have access to the previous addresses in the initial modeling, even after the passenger arrives at the destination.

From the market point of view, this feature may cause problems in the long run. For this reason, in this phase, the business receives improvements in the system by expressing a new need for Vancouver Seo.

Finally, with the completion of the project and obtaining the consent of the employer from the received system, a certificate of good performance by the business is given to Vancouver Seo..