For many businesses, choosing the right software company and trusting them is a difficult decision. Our company, Vancouver  Seo Software Company, will provide you with services such as mobile application development, site design, business Development Service, and smartening. In all of our services transparency and providing complete information to the employer for better decisions is a priority.

Phase 1; how to Map Out a Project

What is a system? How does it work? What is its purpose? What is the value proposition of the system?


The design process of any online system starts with a basic idea. The idea of designing a mobile application or website design is usually created in response to an obvious need in the market or creating a new space. As the idea approaches implementation, we evaluate the feasibility, specificity, tangible competitive advantage, value proposition, and community need for the idea. In the next step, the idea will be feasible, and the necessary requirements for its development and implementation will be discussed.

Software Implementation Plan Steps
Software Implementation Plan Steps

Business Model Development, Business Model Canvas (BMC)

Businesses in today’s highly competitive market need a coherent roadmap more than ever. Each business has a unique business model that defines the business movement strategy. One of the new approaches to modeling a business is to adjust the business model canvas based on the Osterwalder method. At Vancouver Seo, we believe that the need for a strong, scalable, and comprehensive infrastructure is a coherent and principled business model. Therefore, the business model canvas is one of the prerequisites for setting up a system implementation proposal.

Software Requirement Specification, Request for Proposal or RFP form

Software Requirement Specification Document or RFP Form is the foundation of a successful software project. Setting an accurate and standard RFP is very important for project implementation, finding the development process, system architecture, estimating project dimensions, system expansion, and estimating the final cost. This document includes wants and needs, user scenarios, requested features, and expected features. The technical team, marketing, and business consultants of Vancouver Seo, based on the developed RFP, will formulate the requirements of the employer in the form of a technical proposal, which will be attached to the system development contract.

Software Implementation Plan Steps

Calculate Time and Cost.

After a few meetings with our technical and marketing teams, we will set a deadline for the final delivery of the project as well as the price range of product design and development.

Presenting the proposal of Vancouver SEO Software Company

Mobile application design proposal and site design are set based on RFP. Vancouver SEO Company proposals are compiled specifically after a complete analysis of the demands and needs of customers. Vancouver SEO proposals for specific web and application solutions are based on the details of project implementation and are different for each business. In proprietary proposals, items such as how to implement features, user scenarios, proprietary modules, technology portfolio, and intelligent framework are explained with a scalability and scalability approach.

Software Implementation Plan Steps

Features of Vancouver SEO proposal

Your system can be distinctive. Vancouver SEO proposals, considering the inherent differentiation of each system, tries to provide the best solution for online system development.


Prioritize features

Flexible support

Technology stack

make smart

Dedicated modules

Dynamic settings

User scenarios