Skyscraper Technique Guide in Content Generation

To implement the skyscraper technique in SEO, you need to find the best content in your field of activity and then, produce a better version of it so that your article is the best content among other articles on this topic, which ultimately leads to receiving backlinks with quality.

In today’s digital age, improving links is a challenge. However, attracting other people to create backlinks for your site is an important factor in increasing the ranking in search engine results pages.

On a daily basis, content creators send thousands of spam emails to activists in this field to promote their low-quality articles, which usually do not meet market needs. Therefore, we have provided a comprehensive guide to implement the skyscraper technique so that you can get backlinks for your website.

In this article, we introduce a four-step strategy for using the Sky Scraper technique on the website.

Once your skyscraper content is complete and shared by others, you will see how well your articles will progress.

Skyscraper Technique Guide

The 4-step skyscraper technique strategies are:

Content update

Find the most shared content on your site.

Starting an advertising campaign to create backlinks for your website requires strong and linkable content. A linkable content is high quality shareable content that other people will share with their audience with no hesitation. This content should be the ultimate and main source for your topic.

Now the question is how to create a content that has good linking capability?

It’s simple. Find content from your site that already has a high share, then update it to get higher quality.

Choose the right site to get the link

Find sites that already link to articles related to the same keyword.

Using different tools and sites, you can see which websites link to articles with the same keyword as your article. Once you have selected your target linking sites, it is time to move on to them.

Skyscraper Techniques Guide in Content Generation

Navigate to active and top sites and track it

Of course, in order to connect with websites and advertise your work, you simply need to send them an email.

To ensure significant success for your communication emails, your messages should be relevant and after a while, you should track them or even resend the emails.

Use tools

When you have completed all the previous steps, it is time to see the results. You want to see how your post, which was uploaded using the Skyscraper technique, ranks is on search engine results pages and how many backlinks it receives. This is possible for you using SEO tools.

Page link analysis tool can help you to control the backlinks of the site pages. This tool is the simplest SEO monitoring tool and is ideal for tracking new links and rapidly increasing your rankings.


If you implement this guide on your website articles, you can expect to get good rankings in search engine results pages in the shortest time and make significant progress in SEO. Writing a skyscraper article is hard work; but once you do that, you will be far ahead of your competitors. If you want to produce quality content, you can contact Vancouver SEO site Design Company.

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