For many businesses, choosing the right software company and trusting them is a difficult decision. Our company, Vancouver Seo Software Company, will provide you with services such as mobile application development, site design, business Development Service, and smartening. In all of our services transparency and providing complete information to the employer for better decisions is a priority.

Phase 3; Post-run support

After completing the development of the online system, Vancouver Seo Software Company enters the phase of continuous product support and improvement.

System support contract

With the completion of the application and web development team, Vancouver Seo Product Support Team will join the project. This team is responsible for the continuous improvement of the software project, fixing business bugs, fixing technical bugs, and technical management of the system. Vancouver Seo technical support is provided at three levels (platinum, Premium, and Organizational).

Project code source delivery

If preferred by the employer, the project source code will be provided after completing the formal steps under contract. Because the product is migrating from one system to another, the classified and technical documents are delivered to the customer along with the finalized version of the system.

Vancouver Seo Support Services

The end of the software project does not mean it’s the end of Vancouver’s relationship with the business. We remain committed to our work. Improvement processes in the system are implemented continuously to maintain user satisfaction. The produced software product receives the necessary support from the mobile application to site and management panels. And at the employer’s discretion, Vancouver Seo will assume responsibility for training forces to support the system.

Technical support and system maintenance

System support, continuous improvement, and compensation of system performance defects in the field of business


Product growth and development, in line with market changes and user, need to adapt the business

Technical support and system maintenance

Technical support and system maintenance

Continuous optimization and improvement

By introducing new updates in frameworks, executive algorithms and technical technologies, the technical team of the designed online system will optimize and update.

Improving the system in the business environment

Fix system management defects that are seen after the user's activity in the business environment. Like how to display the address to the drivers of an online taxi system.

System management

Training of business forces

Vancouver Seo technical team transfers information and experience of interacting with the system and managing it to the interface introduced by the business.

Continuous guidance

Vancouver Seo Support Team will constantly guide the business team in managing the system and answer their questions.

Technical support and system maintenance
Technical support and system maintenance

System scalability

The targeted activity of a business in the digital field depends on the creation of continuous value in business services.

If systems have an expandable infrastructure, can meet the needs of the market and surpass competitors.

As the project expands, new features are added to the system, or the use of existing features is modified to meet the new needs of the business.