Methods of Content Production

One of the most important pillars of SEO is Content Production. To create useful and user-friendly content, you must have sufficient knowledge of the principles of content marketing. As an SEO person or content creator, you need to write articles that are useful and welcomed by users.

According to Ahref tool research in 2017, 90% of pages indexed by Google search engine buyers had nearly zero views from users. Also, according to the research of this useful and effective tool in SEO, 5% of the pages of the sites that have been indexed, have received less than 10 visits per month.

Of course, when you go to your site’s console search, you may have sometimes see that your content has a low click-through rate, which is a testament to the validity of Ahref research as an SEO tool.

Reducing click-through rates depends on several factors, but one of them is dullness and lack of creativity in the content. In this article, we will introduce and provide useful solutions for creating relevant and user-friendly content, or in other words, the intersection of content marketing and user experience, which is known as content experience.

What is content experience?

In a book published in 2019, Mr. Randy Frisch described the content experience as:

“Content experience is an environment in which you design and implement a structure and how to communicate with customers.”

To gain a principled and accurate content experience, you must consider 3 factors:

1.You should Create a strategic approach so you can design an environment where users can easily use the site’s content.

  1. Write your articles in a way that encourages your audience to interact and communicate.
  2. you shouldn’t use complex words and phrases so that your audience at any level can communicate with your content.

How to create appropriate content for the site

There are ways to create good content so you can get more traffic to site users, such as:

Pyramid method in content production

The pyramid method in producing content is similar to the articles used in newspapers, which creates focus and attention.



You can get help from professionals and experts in this field to produce attractive and user-friendly content. Some people work in this field as freelancers. You can also get help from specialized and professional companies for your site articles. In this regard, Vancouver SEO agency can produce unique and high-quality articles for all kinds of businesses with the help of its professional and experienced content production team to improve your website content.

Writing an introduction

An introduction is the most important part of your content. After reading this section, users decide whether to continue or give up. So, you have to write this section creatively to attract the audience to read more.

unique content production

The content of a site should be unique, and this is so important.

The Panda algorithm is responsible for reviewing the contents of a website, and if you use duplicate content, Google Panda will notice that, and your site will be penalized.

But even if Google doesn’t realize it; When your user enters the site and encounters the content he has seen on other sites, he will leave your site, which will damage your branding and increase the bounce rate of the site.

you can study practical and effective methods to write an article in this field by reading how to produce unique content article.

Also, Vancouver SEO Company, by combining knowledge and strategy, has provided a copy content recognition tool that you can use for free.

But one of the easiest and fastest ways to create unique content is to use a content rewriting machine tool that allows you to get unique content in a matter of seconds.


In this article, we have tried to briefly introduce the ways of producing unique articles and content marketing based on content experience. By implementing these methods, you can promote your website in Google with SEO and attract more users to your business.

If you need more information, you can contact with us to benefit from the free consultation of the Vancouver SEO team.

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