Kwfinder: how to use Keyword research and analysis Tool

One of the most useful tools that can be effective for implementing a successful SEO strategy is the kwfinder keyword analysis tool. This powerful online tool provides you with accurate and meticulous information about the keywords you are analyzing. In this article, we will fully and comprehensively introduce it you and we will show how to work with this tool.

the kwfinder tool

The kwfinder tool is a very useful tool that helps you a lot in choosing the keywords that are one of the most important parts of starting an SEO project. In addition to analyzing the keyword that you have given yourself for analysis, Kwfinder also provides you with a list of similar and useful keywords related to the degree of difficulty and ease of competition.

you can use this tool to see the status of competitors, considering the indicators of domain authority, page authority, banana rank, number of links, the amount of sharing on Facebook and Google Plus.

In addition to the free version, kwfinder also has paid packages that provide you with more information depending on the package you choose. For example, in paid packages this tool can estimate how many views per day your site have according to Google rank and also selected suggested keywords.

Important note for people who want to use the free version of the kwfinder tool:

The free version of kwfinder allows you to analyze 5 keywords per day, and if you want to analyze more keywords you need to create a new account.

Learn how to create an account and start working with kwfinder

If you would like to see how you can work with the kwfinder tool in a visual and practical way, Stay tuned.

To get started with the kwfinder tool, search in your browser. After clicking on this address, you will see the following page.

Kwfinder: how to use Keyword research and analysis Tool

If you enter your keyword immediately after viewing this image and click the find keywords button, kwfinder will show you a message saying  that you must first create an account for yourself.

Kwfinder: how to use Keyword research and analysis Tool

To display complete information, you need to create an account for yourself in the kwfinder tool. and, To create an account, just click on the create new account option so that you can see the account creation form, as shown below.

Kwfinder: how to use Keyword research and analysis Tool

After completing the form below, a verification code will be sent to the email address entered in your registration form. You need to refer to your email and click on the verification code sent to you.

After your account is verified by kwfinder, you can enter the keyword analysis page that you initially saw.

On this page, you can select your desired language from the location selection menu and from the language selection menu, and finally, enter the desired keyword in the keyword analysis section and click. For example, we have analyzed the keyword SEO tools and the results of the analysis of this keyword can be seen in the next image.

Kwfinder: how to use Keyword research and analysis Tool

As you can see in the image, the kwfinder tool provides us with complete and comprehensive information about SEO keyword analysis and other related keywords that may be useful to us. In the following, we will explain each of the indicators examined in kwfinder.

  • The CPC index shows the cost per click on the SEO keyword in Google click ads. A higher value means a higher price of the keyword because Google has received a higher cost for each user entering from the keyword to the target site.
  • PPC index shows the level of competition for SEO keywords in Google click ads. This value is displayed as a percentage. In general, CPC and especially PPC are not recommended for measuring the value of keywords, except for experts in SEO.
  • The KD index, which stands for Keyword Difficulty, is presented as a percentage and its a number between 0 and 100 that indicates the percentage of difficulty or ease of working on the SEO keyword. The closer this number is to 100, the harder the keyword for seo. If you are not an expert in the SEO process we suggest to start with a low-keyword or low kd index. By focusing on such keywords, you will have a better chance of appearing on the first page of Google or the top rankings of Google. Of course, do not forget to consider the search average of the keyword.

In the image above, the KD index for the SEO tools keyword is more visible. In addition, you can observe the search process of this word in different months of the year by users in your selected geographical location.

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