Is it wrong to buy backlinks?

Of course, every site likes to have a higher rank than others in Google’s most competitive competition. In this competition, everyone tries to get ahead of the others and get a better position. But how to surpass other competitors is an important issue that should be considered. Just like a real contest, different people use right and wrong methods to overtake and improve their site ranking in Google. In the following, by stating one of the most common methods in this regard, we will examine its effect on the SEO site and finally say why buying backlinks is wrong?

What is a backlink?

Getting backlinks is a process in which we get links from other sites to our site and help SEO. A link can be a text or image that the user clicks on to enter a new page on the Internet. This allows Google bots to monitor the links inside a site and go to the pages to which it links. This action shapes the movement of Google’s robots.

Buy backlinks and doping site:

As we said, there are many ways to overtake your competitors in Google. One of these methods is backlinks. Backlinks have a huge impact on your SEO and like a powerful complement can help you to compete with other sites. But the best case scenario is when it is created naturally and an admin or site administrator inserts it because of your content usefulness This means that you have received a positive vote from another site for your good content, and this is valuable to Google. Another way is when you pay backlinks for a fee (which can be a lot) and this is just like doping in this competition; That means, it can be useful and at the same time it can be dangerous and cause you trouble!

Why is buying backlinks wrong?

Using backlinks and buying them has always been a common and effective way, but Google’s Panda algorithm opposed this method in 2011 and this caused many businesses to suffer a sharp drop in rankings and losses. Buying backlinks will also have some risks for you. For example, you may get good results in the short term and be happy to see your rankings in Alexa and Google, but this is temporary and your site will probably be recognized as a spam site soon. Also, the sites from which you bought backlinks, after a short time (for example, one or six months later) will remove the links related to you from your site, in that case you’ll get a negative score from Google. These factors can drastically reduce your site traffic and have a detrimental effect on it.

What should be done in the end?

There are other ways to help your site rank better. You can produce good and useful content by determining a good strategy in a period of time to get a better position in Google. Of course, there are other methods in this area, some of which we will name: 1-Advertorial 2-Link exchange with related and strong sites 3-Build useful backlinks instead of buying them 4-Leave a comment on sites related to the field of activity of the site 5-Using various social networks and updating them


To improve the status of your business and SEO site, it is better to connect with the best SEO team in Vancouver. By communicating with the best SEO in Vancouver, you can get professional and effective help in improving your site so that you can get the best position among your competitors fast and cheap. Buying backlinks is one of the options that may be offered to you to improve the site ranking in Google, but before buying, you should know why buying backlinks is wrong?

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