Impact of website speed on SEO and businesses

Website speed is one of the most important factors in Google search engine ranking. Websites that have a higher loading speed make it easier for users to access the pages of the site, therefore, this issue is important for SEO. In the following, we will examine the importance and criteria for measuring the speed of the site. Website speed means the length of time that all the content of a site is displayed. In another definition, site speed is the time during which the browser receives the first batch of information from the server. All page elements (including HTML code, JavaScript files, images, videos, etc.) affect its speed. Page and site speeds are measured separately on mobile and personal systems; because the technology of the two is different and as a result they offer a different user experience.

Reasons for the importance of website speed

Obviously, the faster the site and page, the more efficient the site and the better the user experience will be. In a public poll, it was found that if the page takes more than three seconds to load, more than a quarter of users will leave the site. Mobile users also expect high speeds. Mobile users make up a large number of website visitors, so the two parameters of speed and responsiveness of sites are very important for mobile users. If you want to know how your site pages are displayed on mobile phones and tablets, you can check this issue using the site responsiveness tool. An important issue to note about the importance of site speed is the bounce rate of websites. If the loading speed of your site pages is low, you will face an increase in users’ bounce rate, which has a great impact on SEO. In 2010, Google announced that page speed would also be a factor in ranking. In 2017, Google again announced that page speed will be more important in ranking; and this year, the search engine expanded the importance of the user experience by adding a page experience ranking signal. The purpose of page experience signals is to evaluate the quality of user experience, and without a doubt one of the most important factors affecting user experience is the speed of site pages.

Website speed metrics

Site speed is a complex factor and in order to solve all problems related to site page speed we need to understand how to measure. Some of the criteria that affect or are related to the speed of the site are: +Loading time +Page size +Get the first byte or TTFB

How to measure website speed?

The best and fastest way to measure the speed of site pages is to use tools. Vancouver SEO site Design Company for the convenience of users and online business activists, has provided SEO tools for free with the help of which you can analyze your site. One of the most useful and important SEO tools is the site speed check tool to use it to check the speed and errors of your website.


By checking the loading speed of your site pages, you can attract and increase the users of your website, which will also improve your SEO performance. In short, by increasing the loading speed of your site pages, you can upgrade your business and experience more sales. Finally, we suggest that if you need to check the volume of content loaded on your web pages to better analyze the speed of the site, use the tool to check the volume of the page to be able to provide a site with high performance to your users.

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