Impact of HTTPS protocol activation on SEO

Hypertext Transport Protocol Security (HTTPS) is a secure version of HTTP that is the primary protocol for sending data between a browser and a website. Google has not announced all its criteria for ranking sites, but when Google announced the use of HTTPS as a factor influencing site ranking in 2014, most site owners and webmasters decided to change their data transfer protocol from HTTP. Change to HTTPS protocol. Because it was considered an effective factor in SEO and improving the position of the website in Google search engine.

What is HTTPS?

The letter “S” at the end of “https”, which is part of the URL, is the initial letter of the word Security meaning safe. Sites with https protocol include 2048-bit ssl key and can protect a site connection through authentication and encryption. When an ssl certificate is installed on a web server; Enables https Lock and Protocol and allows secure connection from a server to a browser.

Secure websites can protect a user’s connection using secure information in three layers:

  • Encryption ensures that a user’s activity cannot be tracked or their information stolen.
  • Data integrity prevents files from being distorted during transfer.
  • Authentication protects information against attacks and builds user trust.

How does a website start using https?

Many hosting sites offer SSL certification services for a fee. These certificates will often be shared by many customers. There are also more expensive certificates that are registered individually for specific features of the website. All websites receive free https using a shared certificate. Whenever a website buys ssl, it gets all the benefits of using https.

Benefits of using HTTPS to improve SEO

Using the secure HTTPS protocol will have positive effects on the SEO site, including the following:

Impact of HTTPS protocol activation on SEO
  • Ranking

In 2014, Google unveiled updated algorithms that address HTTPS sites. In 2015, Google stated that if the quality signals for two different search results were the same on everything, HTTPS would be a factor in excellence and ranking improvement. This means that if your site and your competitor are equal in terms of speed, title tag, content freshness, etc. but your competitor’s website uses HTTPS while your site does not have this protocol, Google will most likely have a site that has https Puts in a better rank. Today, about 55% of all websites are secure. “Neil Patel quotes from moz:

There is little correlation between HTTPS and site rankings in search engines, but in the end it came to the conclusion that Google had said before. HTTPS acts as a determining factor, not a major ranking factor.

  • Website traffic

Getting top Google rankings can lead to more site traffic. Because the more people see your site, the more visitors will come to your site. Also, when users look at search results, they may see a secure site as a sign of trust and credibility and click on that website and no longer go to unsafe sites and click on it.

  • Increase user trust

Users trust safer communications. According to a survey, 84% of users will stop shopping if the data is sent over an insecure connection and 82% of people will not go to an unsafe website. If a customer comes to your store location and expresses concern about something, you do everything you can to alleviate that concern. This will create a loyal customer. Why should not the online store be such that a large number of users shop and look for home services ?

The last word

Google has announced that it puts the phrase NOT SECURE next to the URLs of sites that do not use the HTTPS protocol. This sentence highlights the importance of using this protocol for sites. Website designers and SEO experts of Vancouver SEO Company fully recognize the importance of this issue and put security in the design and SEO of the site as the main priorities.

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