How to write a meta description?

Meta description after  title is the most important tag in  SEO . 6 golden keys for writing meta descriptions have been introduced by SEO experts, the implementation of which will increase the click-through rate of the website. Meta description is a tag that briefly shows the content of the page to the user, if this tag is not on your website, Google search engine will put the general concept of your content in this section. Google does not mention Meta Description as an effective item in the process of SEO and gaining a position in the search engine, but due to the fact that the presence of quality discretion in the Google SERP page increases the percentage of user clicks, its impact can be indirect In SEO and gaining Search Engine Rankings, Google knew.

Increase click-through rate with the help of description

Click-through rate plays an important role in ranking a website for Google search engine because as the site clicks increase, Google realizes that your website is useful to your audience. One of the most important ways to increase your click-through rate is to insert a quality description. To have proper meta description, you must follow these 6 golden keys:

The first key: the length of the description

The size of the description length is the first thing to consider when writing a description, because the search engine only displays up to 160 characters, and if more than that is the length of your description content, Google will show it in a few dots. Of course, in a short period of time, Google increased the description length to 320 characters, but due to the decrease in  the click-through rate of  websites, it changed to the same 160 characters.

The second key: text description

Some SEOs and website owners use some of their content for meta description, which is not recommended, and it is better to produce a unique and quality text for the description.

Key 3: Write a persuasive description

On the Google SERP page, 10 websites will be displayed to the user, so you should direct the user to your site with attractive and persuasive discretion. In fact, the content included in the description is the showcase of your website and should be such that the audience is attracted to your site and the best way is to feel that they can receive free training from your website.

The fourth key: use keywords

If the user-searched phrase is in the description, Google will display it knowingly, so using the right keywords and LSIs can have a significant impact on your website’s click-through rate.

The fifth key: non-duplicate page description

Meta descriptions, like titles, must be written individually for each page, and the descriptions of your web pages must not be the same.

Sixth key: use the schema

The bookmarks that are usually displayed as queries in site descriptions are called schemas. This method is very effective in better understanding Google content and the click-through rate of websites that use this method is also higher. The important point in the description is that Google receives quotation marks and mathematical symbols in the form of HTML code, so it does not display them to the user, and also if the description inserts inconsistent with the content of the page, the user will quickly leave your site. It turns out that it is called the bounce rate, which is a negative point for Google. WordPress sites do not have descriptions and can add meta descriptions to their template by installing the Yoast plugin.


Description is a free ad for your website, so you should first consider the user and write a meta description that is useful to the audience. By following the 6 golden keys to write the description, you can increase your click-through rate and sales.

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