How to use Google Trends tool

Google Trends Find the most valuable keywords based on its data, and invest on them to successfully implement SEO principles. In this article, we want to show you how to use a valid, practical, and powerful tool in the field of keyword analysis called Google Trends tool.

Google trends tool

It was in mid-2004 that there was a buzz among webmasters about Google providing a very useful tool for keyword analysis.

The name of this new tool, which was released to all webmasters for use after the testing phase in early 2006, was Insights for Search. Early in its emergence, this tool exclusively displayed the number of searches for the word you were looking for, at different time intervals. But the main drawback was the delayed updates. In 2012, Google made many changes to the structure of it and renamed it Google Trends.

With the help of the Google Trends tool, webmasters could access general statistics and search trends of people around the world by geographical area or country. Interestingly, Google made this extremely useful tool available to users for free, also it has the possibility of searching in any language.

Another valuable advantage of the Google Trends tool over other keyword analysis tools is the ability to compare the popularity of keywords in the Google search engine. This tool has other special features that allow you to do this and this advantage has a huge impact on choosing the best keywords.

How to work with Google Trends application tool

To use this tool, first, search in your browser search bar to see the first page of the Google Trends tool as shown below.

How to use Google Trends tool

As you can see in the picture above, in section 1, which is also shown with a red indicator, the possibility of selecting the geographical location (country) is embedded in this tool.

In section 2, you will see a box where you can analyze the keyword you want.

The image above shows the graph of the result of analyzing the phrase in the Google Trends tool. This chart shows the search volume of that phrase over a period of 12 months.

The information in this chart is very useful and practical for use in matters related to marketing. For example, when the search volume is higher and close to 100, it indicates an increase in people’s interest and needs, and as a special opportunity, you can have a special plan for it.

How to use Google Trends tool

In section 3, users can change the analysis interval, for example, the interval can be changed from 2004 to 1 hour ago.

In section 4 it is possible to select the category of people who have searched for the phrase. By default, Google Trends examines your search terms in all available categories.

In section 5 you can also select the search engine you want. Google Trends shows you the analysis results in the Google search engine by default.

In section 6, users can compare several keywords. Just select Compare + and add a new phrase. In this section, you can add and compare up to 5 items.

In section 7, it is also possible to download the analysis results of the desired phrase for yourself.

How to use Google Trends tool

in addition to the information google trends provides on the search volume of the keyword in different time periods, according to what you see in the image above, also provides information on the search frequency of the phrase in different geographical areas.

In section 8, you see a picture of Canada. This image shows the cities in which the phrase is most searched in color dark blue and the cities in which the phrase was not searched at all in color white.

In section 9, statistics of the most searches in different cities of Canada can be seen. For example, most searches for our chosen phrase have been made in Ontario last year.

How to use Google Trends tool

In the Related topics section or section 10, and the Related queries section or section 11, you can see topics or queries related to our phrase and its popularity.

Rising or the total number of searches (Top) are other terms that can be seen in the image above. Also, having the word Breakout in front of a phrase means that its popularity is growing very fast and suddenly.

studying this article is recommended for those who are interested in the field of digital marketing and also for SEO experts.

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