How to Remove URLs From Google Search

Sometimes you may need a solution to remove your site’s indexed and extra items from Google search results. For example, when you delete a page, you won’t want it to show up on your site anymore. Or when you want to remove low quality pages from the Google index. Here are three great Methods to remove one or more URLs from Google search.

Method 1: Use Google Search Console

Deleting URLs that belong to your website is easy with Google Search Console. Google Search Console is an essential tool for managing your site’s search performance. Well, let’s work with this tool Open the link from the following address: Click the gray button to enter your URL and click “Continue” Click “Submit Request”. This will remove your URL from Google search for about 90 days. You also delete the URL from Google Cache. Your URL should appear as “pending” to delete, but you can easily cancel your request by clicking “Cancel”. Keep in mind that this method is only temporary! Use method number 2 or # 3 to permanently delete the URL.

Method 2: Use the Meta Noindex tag

The Meta Noindex tag is the most common way to remove URLs from search results or prevent them from appearing on the Google screen. In fact, if this snippet of code, which includes Meta Noindex, is in the HTML header of your site, it will tell Google and other search engines not to show the page in the search. If you have access to your site’s HTML code, you can add this code to your website manually. But if you use a content management system like WordPress, plugins and SEO plugins are good options to send messages and pages.

Method 3: Remove URLs

You can simply remove the URL you want from your site. This returns an error of 404 (Not Found) or 410 (Gone). To view and read related articles in Vancouver SEO site Design Company, refer to the articles link.

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