How to identify inappropriate backlinks

In general, backlinks are used to increase a site’s ranking in Google. But sometimes people use inappropriate backlinks (link schemas) to promote their site. Using these backlinks can sometimes cause you a lot of problems. In this article, we will explain what are inappropriate backlinks and Why it is a malicious way to get links and what is its impacts on SEO?

What are inappropriate backlinks?

link schemas are links that are intended to change a site’s ranking on Google search results pages. The purpose of linking is to recommend a site that you find useful to your visitors. However, link schemas are links that are used to increase ranking or financial gain instead of being useful to the user. As a result, this type of link is against Google’s guidelines and is part of black hat SEO.

Examples of inappropriate links

To understand and avoid using such linking, you should be aware of unprincipled links.
  • Buying or selling links that pass through the PageRank algorithm. This includes exchanging money for links or posts that contain links.
  • Excessive exchanges and transactions of links that are done solely for reciprocity.
  • Extensive article marketing or heavy guest post campaigns with links to keywords
  • Using automated services to create links to your site
  • Link to someone else because they link back to your site.
  • Building multiple sites or pages so you can link to another page.

In general, purchased links include:

  • Text ads that cross PageRank.
  • Links to optimized text in articles or press releases from other sites
  • Poor quality directory site links
  • Hidden links, poor quality or full of keywords
  • Links that are distributed on the page or templates of multiple sites.
  • Forum comments with optimized links in posts or signatures
If a link is made for financial gain or to increase the site’s ranking, it provides a negative user experience and Google can easily detect this.

 The effect of inappropriate links on site ranking

One of the key factors by which Google evaluates your site is which sites you get backlinks from or which web pages you link to. Reciprocal links strengthen the relationship between the two sites and your ranking will be affected, so it is very important to link only to sites that are actually useful to your users. Sites that give you backlinks and vice versa, provide a background for the content of your site and provide signs of the quality and popularity of the site. If you want to check the quality of the links received by your site, you can use the page link analysis tool to check their quality.

Appropriate links

Some links are typically made by people who use a particular topic to communicate and share pages within the topic. In this type of linking, the sites that link to you, also link to other sites with specific topics. If you have backlinks to your page from sites with high authority, your site traffic will increase.

Inappropriate links

If the sites that link to your page also link to poor quality content from other sites, this will reduce the value of the links to your page. If you also give backlinks to these sites, the relationship between the sites will be strengthened and this will show Google that your page is also spam or it has a poor quality.


In general, building backlink is an important part of SEO. But its even more important to receive quality and appropriate links. For more information, you can contact Vancouver SEO site design company.  

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