How to get backlinks for the site?

This article tries to provide an introduction to backlinks strategy and backlink construction techniques. In general, SEO consists of three main sections: content production, user experience and backlinks. If you are just starting research on SEO, the last part will be confusing and challenging for you because, unlike content production and user experience that are visible and manageable, backlinks are largely uncontrollable.

What is backlink strategy?

Backlink strategy is a term used in SEO that means the process of increasing your backlinks on reputable and appropriate sites.

Why backlink building strategy is important

Links are one of the main indicators used by Google in ranking sites and they show the quality and credibility of a site. You need backlinks from famous and relevant sites to increase the power of your site in the search engine. Creating backlinks or building links is one of the main components of the SEO, but it is possible that you do not do the process of creating backlinks for your site properly. In this case, irreparable damage will be done to your site. So start building the backlink more carefully. In fact, the main reason of creating backlinks is that we give a positive point to our site in the eyes of Google search engine, but the important point is that the links given to our site shouldn’t be Nofollow links or links purchased from other sites. Finally, the most important point is that the links given to your site play an important role in the SEO. But Google does not want you to pay for these links or create them yourself, so the practice of link building is actually something beyond the process of building links.

Backlink Strategy

You may be faced with the question that if Google doesn’t want to build backlinks for our site and pay for backlinks, then how to get backlinks for the site? For this purpose, there are many methods that we will discuss some basic methods in this paper.

1- Analysis of competitors

One of the popular ways to build backlinks is to pay attention to the links that your competitor’s website has and your page lacks. This method is usually introduced as competing backlink analysis or backlink gap analysis. You can analyze competitors’ sites using the free backlink building tool and consider a backlink strategy for your site and upgrade your SEO.

2-Send group email

One of the most efficient skills in this field is the development of email communications. Your site’s backlinks must be created by others, so you need to provide information about your site to others. The following tips can help you in this regard:
  • Create interaction with users
If users have a relationship with you, they will be more willing to help you. So consider establishing a friendly relationship with others before asking them.
  • Provide something valuable in return for users’ feedback
Don’t just talk about what you want, tell them about the benefits they get. For example, post their post on your page.
  • Provide content that others enjoy from
Before asking anyone to publish your link, ask yourself questions like (Is this content worth publishing for others?) And (Is my content appealing to the other person?).

3-Share your expertise using sites like HARO

Websites like HARO (Help a Reporter Out) can be very useful when you are new When you are introduced as a resource in the site, you receive requests from reporters need to quote from a resource. Not all requests will be related to your content, so look for related requests. If a reporter welcomes your content, they may include your quote along with your site backlink in their article.

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