How is the optimization of the website images?

Optimizing website images includes various strategies and tips. Some have quick fixes and some take longer. Many websites ignore SEO images and this creates competition between websites. After designing a website, images are added to this. Usually these images are not optimized and their name is similar to IMG982713.jpg which is not descriptive at all. So, without proper optimization and planning, you are wasting a valuable asset. (Vancouver SEO agency)

Why is image SEO important?

According to statistics, more than 5 billion searches are done on Google every day, and more than 30% of the total searches were related to images. Image optimization helps your website UX, website loading time and SERP rankings, as well as image search. If your website has a lot of images that are not properly optimized, you will probably lose a lot of potential traffic and rankings. By improvement of image searching and the possibility of using images to buy products, Image optimization has taken on a bolder role. If the images on your website are not properly tagged and optimized, now this is the time to focus your efforts on that aspect of your SEO.

Image optimization in the world of e-commerce

If you work in the field of e-commerce, you know that SEO affects your work process very differently and importantly, and any change in the website can put you ahead of the competition. One of these is image optimization. Images take up more space than other parts of the website, and this is more effective for store websites that want to have more images of their products. That’s why optimizing your website images is one of the best ways to improve website performance and SERP rankings. This is especially true for large store websites, as images can potentially slow down your website, and having the right website speed is one of the most important factors in ranking Google core. Here are four things to look for when selecting yours.

Choose the right name for the images

First, SEO of images starts based on its name. The name of the image should be a description of what is seen and include the keyword. In this case, Google will have a better understanding of your image. It should be noted that the name of your image file is what informs Google and other search engines about what your image is. If your image has a common name like IMG-1234, for example. As you can imagine, the name of the image file will not help the user or Google. Because no one searches for that and having it as a photo name does not give any information to Google.

Write the appropriate alt text with SEO

Alt-text is important for your website images, this is exactly what you can use to help create a better context, which in turn helps search engines display your images correctly. Also, if there is a problem loading your image and it does not load properly, alt images can help you. This is what is shown. The text you put in the toolbar should represent the image searched by the user.

Images size

Image size plays an important role in the size of your website. Larger images slow down your website speed. Page Speed ​​A ranking factor is even more important than ever to make sure your website loads in seconds. You cannot accidentally reduce the size of the images, this is something that must be done correctly. Otherwise, a low quality image will appear on the website. The ability to save for the web in Photoshop is one of the best options to reduce the image file size. If you do not have access to this software, there are many tools for resizing images for free that you can use.

Choose the best image extension

There are three main types of images that can be used throughout the website. They are JPEG , GIF and PNG. Each has its pros and cons. JPEG is often the best option because, it maintains image quality and compresses volume. PNG allows you to create high quality thumbnails. Images that do not have a colored background (trance print) also use this extension. GIFs are also images that have motion.

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