Familiarity with different CTA methods

CTA is one of the most important concepts in digital marketing that can play an effective role in achieving the webmaster’s desired results. To design an effective and practical Call to Action, you need to know the types of CTAs. But before starting this article, we recommend that you read the related article.

Familiarity with different CTA models

Before designing a call to action application that increases the conversion rate of the site, you must first know its different types; because the call to action is no longer just a big red button that says, “Click here,” you need to use a variety of methods to get people to the bottom of your marketing funnel. Here are the main and most common CTAs.

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Sometimes you have a long form or a long text that you cannot put in full on the main page. For this reason, the read more button or more can be a good way to attract the audience. Note that the initial text written should be attractive enough to make the audience go to another page to see the rest of it.

Registration and submission form:

Once visitors reach your landing page, they need to do two important things. First fill out the form and then send it to you. Receiving this form as a lead is of great value; so make sure the form is designed to be simple; it is easy to read and complete and users can find it without any problems.

 Product and service information:

The person visiting the site is trying to get more and more information about you and your activities. Therefore, it is necessary to simply display your services and products. This is the most important part of your job; because it is the products and services that maintain your position in the competitive cycle with other businesses. In this regard, for example, you can put a button to action such as: “View the new feature of the device” to inform your users about this.

Content sharing:

One of the best ways to turn potential customers into loyal customers and increase site traffic is through social sharing. Content sharing is an easy way to get people who are not looking for your site to visit. By designing this CTA, ask your audience to share content on their social networks. Although, be aware that despite the value of sharing content, you may not need it, in some cases such as when you can receive people’s personal information and they are willing to provide their information.

Special and deadline offers:

Someone may be a good lead but not willing to pay for your product or service right now. At this time, you have the task of guiding the person to the bottom of your sales funnel through the appropriate call to action. To do this, you can have options such as product demos, free trial and test or other free offers for users. Set specific deadlines and offer customers opportunities to make appropriate decisions and manage purchases. For example, if you want to use Vancouver SEO content rewriting machine, you can use it for free for a while by completing the registration. Such an opportunity allows people to test the product, its capabilities and values, and then make a decision.

Online call or chat with support:

Potential customers need to research your product or service first to buy it. You have to be available at this time and answer the ambiguities and questions of your users. For example, if you have questions or advice from us about SEO or any other topic, you can contact us through the below numbers or the chat section with the manager on the left side of your page.

Complete the process and purchase:

The main goal of any business is to sell the products and services it offers; therefore, in the product sales department, special attention should be paid to this CTA. If you are familiar with the important points in professional call to action design, you can bring people to the bottom of your sales funnel by inserting an attractive action call button.

Register and participate in events

The event may be held in person or online, but anyway it requires a large number of people to attend; because attending events is one of the best ways you can engage your audience. Increasing people’s awareness about the event, ticket sales and other related issues are some of the ways that can increase site traffic. All you have to do is design a purposeful for this to take full advantage of the margins of the event and its holding.


The purpose of this article is to get familiar with different CTA models to learn about the most common types of call to actions. We hope that you can achieve the specific goals that you had when designing your website by designing an attractive call to action for your users.  

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