Duplicate content and its effects on SEO

duplicate content is a content that exists in several different internal and external sections of your site or may have been copied from another site. Such content can damage your SEO and your website ranking in the Google search engine. The best way to identify unique content is to use text recognition software, which can help you determine if the text is duplicate or not. Google’s definition of duplicate content is: “Duplicate content generally means posts and articles that are completely compatible with the content of other articles on different domains or they are very similar to each other.” So, if the occurrence of your duplicate content is not accidental and you did it for a better Google ranking, your site is at risk of being penalized.

 Copy and duplicate content

analyzing that the text to see if its duplicate or not confuses many audiences; “When I have 2 different domain addresses for an article, which one should I choose?” Such questions are very common about duplicate content, but search engines rank sites for duplicate content, copied content, and poor content. If you modify the text for your own use and put it on the site, the copy content may be detected. Even if you change the number of keywords or change the structure of the paragraphs, your content is still not acceptable. Poor content is a content that is of very low quality and has a very negative effect on a website. Google is very careful in analyzing and finding duplicate content. search engine is advanced enough to know how to scan content, and if it finds the content of a page on various sites, it will rank them all below the original content. For this purpose, Google needs full access to the site address. If you block Google bots and deny the full access to the URL, Google may not be able to do this and treat the pages in a different way. To prevent this, the following techniques could be used:
  • Allow bots to access and crawl the site address.
  • Introduce the article as duplicate content using the canonical tag.
  • Use the Google Domain Address Parameters tool to figure out how to handle parameters.
  • Use a 301 redirect to direct Google users and crawlers to an address in the canonical tag.

duplicate content checker tool

In this section, we will introduce a tool that can help you analyze your website content to see if they are copied or not. Duplicate Content checker is a quick and easy way to check if your site’s text is unique or not. By using This tool, which is designed and offered for free by vancouver SEO Company, you can improve the quality of website content.

Unique content creation method

Google is very focused on the quality of content and is always looking for the best possible content to provide to users. You should produce the best content for long-term impact. You can use a content rewriting machine to create new and unique content. Also, to find duplicate content on a site, use checker tools.

Duplicate content of site pages

If you have a lot of content on your site that is similar to each other, you can expand each of them individually or register them all as one page. For example, if your site offers different travel tours and information on different cities, the separate pages for information on the two cities may be very similar. In this case, you either have to expand the information of each page to new and unique content or turn both pages into a page with the same subject.


Content is the most basic and main part of an SEO site, so writing a high-quality content is very important. And to get to the top Google rankings, never neglect the quality of your site content. Finally, we suggeste to use SEO tools so you can investigate your website problems and find copied content of the website.

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