In the world of SEO, some words and phrases are specific to this field of SEO, which we know as common SEO terms. These words or terms may seem difficult to understand and sometimes annoying for people who are unfamiliar with SEO, and because many Our customers, who are the owners of reputable websites, are interested in getting to know our world and having a better understanding of what is happening inside their site. We needed to provide this dictionary for them on our website.

common SEO terms

H Tag

All text headers of your site in WordPress are displayed with the help of H tags. There are generally 6 H tags; Tag H1 to tag H6. Note that these tags have a great impact on the SEO of the page and you must use them correctly.

Title Tag

Another SEO meta tag is a title tag. The text written in this tag will be displayed on search pages instead of the title. Remember that the meta title text is different from the H1 text of the page. Of course, the WordPress content management system defines both of them in the same way, but you can write their text differently with the help of plugins such as yoast SEO.

Meta Description

This is an SEO metatag. This description will be displayed on the serp pages, at the bottom of your site result.

BACK END programming language

The appearance of every website you visit on the web is created with the help of HTML and CSS languages, which are called FRONT END languages. In contrast to the activities that take place behind the scenes of the site; For example, receiving your name and address, registration, password change, and several other activities are done with the help of a BACK-END language such as PHP. Learning backend programming languages takes more time and patience and an SEO expert or person does not have to learn them.

Content Management System (CMS)

common SEO terms for beginners

Content management systems are written with the help of programming languages and allow the audience to set up and manage their own website with the least specialized programming knowledge. Currently, the most famous CMS in the world is the WordPress content management system. With the help of a content management system, you can edit the pages of the site without any coding, write text or content in them, and carry out all the necessary activities.


The word SEO is derived from the words SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. In this process, the webmaster or SEO person tries to optimize the site on the pre-determined words in the search results and bring the website to the first pages by implementing SEO tips. Note that the SEO of a site depends on about 200 factors.

On-Page SEO

All SEO activities that are related to on-site activities. About 70% of SEO is on-page SEO. One of the most important activities related to it is the production of SEO content.

Off-Page SEO

off-page SEO are activities that are done outside the site for SEO. In general, 3 factors are included in this part of SEO, which are:

Link building

Being Active in social networks (social signal)


Of course, do not be fooled by the small number of these, each of them will greatly affect the ranking of your site.

technical SEO

Finally, specialized SEO activities that require technical knowledge are categorized in the SEO technical section. These include:

  • Increasing site speed
  • schema
  • AMP activation
  • Launching a sitemap
  • And…

White hat SEO

WHITE HAT SEO means performing all SEO methods and strategies according to the rules set by search engines like Google. For more information, you can read the article on white hat SEO on our website.

Black Hat SEO

BLACK HAT SEO, in contrast to the previous term, means performing SEO techniques against the rules of search engines. With the help of these techniques, webmasters deceive search engines and get to the first pages.

Gray hat SEO

We have a term Between white hat SEO and black SEO, which is GRAY HAT SEO. Most SEO persons use this method to optimize their website or their customers. With this method, the webmaster tries to implement several illegal techniques safely and slowly, in addition to legal techniques, to reach the first results of the web level more quickly.

common SEO terms for beginners

Search Console

Search console is one of the free tools that Google provides to webmasters and site owners. After activating this tool on the site, you can access various information about your site, including several inputs, internal and external links, page speed, errors, and more.

Google Analytics

Another semi-free Google tool available for webmasters is Google Analytics. This tool gives you more specialized information about site users. For example, information about the retention time of users on the site, the browsers they have used, the average age, the most visited pages of the site, and…

Google ADS

In Google ads, the webmaster, along with Google, takes one or more pages of his site to the first page of Google on the desired keyword. He then pays Google for every click made by the user on the result of his site. This amount varies among hard keywords and easy keywords per click.

Google Penalty

Google’s penalty is the penalty that this search engine imposes on erroneous websites. After Google’s robots and artificial intelligence found out that a site was using black hat SEO techniques, it will be penalized. In this case, the whole site, a keyword, or a page of it is generally removed from search results or is accompanied by a sharp decrease in ranking.

To remove Google’s penalty is a really difficult and time-consuming, so it’s a good idea to get acquainted with SEO methods and techniques before you need to learn it.


One of the common words in SEO and digital marketing is the word link. The link is the same blue text that, when clicked, will take you to another page on the site or other sites.

For example, the same text that you clicked on in Google and entered our site is a link. Each link is made up of an HTML tag that is represented by the letter A. In this tag, there are values ​​like href in which the destination page address of the link is placed.


Backlink is a specialized SEO term. If a website links to your site or one of its pages, it is called a backlink. Building backlinks or link building is one of the most important SEO techniques and in tough competitions, it plays a very important role in determining your position.

outbound link

An outbound link is a link that you give from your own website to another site on the web. Of course, giving the link outside the site has its own principles and in case of carelessness can cause a penalty for your site.

Follow and No-follow link

We mentioned that each link is made from an html tag called the a tag. There are always different values ​​inside these tags such as href, title, and…. Another of these values ​​is the rel value, which contains two expressions, follow or nofollow.

If a site links to you and uses the follow value in the rel section of its link, it means that it will inform the search engines that this site is approved by me and you have the right to follow it. But if the value inside it is nofollow, it means that you don’t give credit to this site and do not follow it.

Note that the balance between follow links and no-followers that are given to a site is one of the influential points on its SEO.


This is a relatively new solution for better site optimization in mobile display. You can optimize your web pages for better mobile display by amplifying your website.

Every page of your site that becomes an amp page is stored in your Google database. In this way, mobile users, by viewing and clicking on it in the results, enter it in a second and view its content. Upgrading a site in WordPress is done with the help of plugins. If you feel you need more explanation, what is amp content and what effect does it have on SEO? Study SEO articles on our website.


This is a very dangerous black hat link building method, which, of course, has good feedback if implemented correctly. with this method, a set of sites, blogs are connected through link building and finally linked to your site. In The Black Hat SEO article we provided more information about it.

Alternate Text (ALT)

ALT TEXT is the text that is inserted into the image by the content author and displayed to the audience if an image is not displayed on the site. In addition, Google uses this text to categorize images in search results. All content management systems have a section for writing text that replaces each image. Note that alternative text is one of the influential points on content SEO.

Branded Keyword

If a keyword directly or a combination refers to your website brand name, we call it Branded Keyword. For example, the word SEO training is a common keyword, but if you search for it as “Vancouver SEO training” it will become a Branded Keyword. Searching for your keyword along with your brand name by the user will have a positive effect on improving your results in Google.

Content Farm

common SEO terms for beginners

Content farm refers to sites that are full of poor-quality, short, copied content. In the past, it was a black hat technique to get to the first pages and be seen as a reputable site by copying the content of other sites and publishing it on your own site. But today, Google recognizes the use of this method and fines you.

Farm Link

Until a few years ago, sites did everything to build backlinks and increase their credibility in Google. One of these was the use of link farms. In this way, the webmaster placed the link to his site on sites where several hundred other links had already been registered. (Link Farm) It was even possible for a webmaster to build a site just to create a link farm to get credibility from it for other sites. Today, this technique is a black hat SEO method. You can read the article on the destructive effects of farm links on the website for more information.

Web Directory

Web directories are sites that categorize other sites into different domains and then introduce them to users. At one point, directory sites became a good place to build backlinks, but Google updated its algorithms to reduce the credibility of links received from these sites.

Of course, there are still reputable directories where you can register your site link and increase your site credibility.


Conversion rate is not an SEO term, but a marketing term. This concept refers to people who, after visiting your business, will convert to what you need, for example, the buyer of your product.

For example, if your site has 2,000 hits today and 20 of them buy your product, the conversion rate today is 1%.


Bounce rate is a specialized concept of SEO that there are different opinions about how it is checked by Google. But in general, the number of people who leave your site after visiting your site, without clicking on a new page and without spending much time, will cause a bounce rate on your site.

This issue has become one of the most important SEO factors due to Google algorithmic updates in the last few years.


Impression means the number of times your site appears in Google results. For example, when the term how to increase website speed is searched on Google and the user enters the first page, an impression is recorded for all 10 sites that are on this word on the first page, including our site.

Clickthrough rate (CTR)

Clickthrough rate, or CTR, refers to the number of people who click on your site in Google results, as opposed to the number of people who have just viewed it. (IMPRESSION) This means that if the word “What is schema” is searched 100 times a month and the link to our website is clicked 30 times on the first page, our click-through rate is 30%. Click-through rate and impression rate are some of the items displayed in the site console search tool.


Another influential point on the SEO site is the user time on site. for this measure, Google checks the user login to logout time. The longer the average user stays on your site, the higher the site rankings. The average time users stay on the site is displayed in the Google Analytics tool.

Dwell Time

This term refers to the time when a user enters your site from the search results until they return to the search results. Given that user returns to the Google results page often mean dissatisfaction with your site content, it is best to have as much Dwell Time per page as your retention time.


If you publish a page on your site, that page will not appear in the search results until the search engines visit the site to check it out. When your page is reviewed by these engines and placed in the results, your page is so-called indexed. Basically, at this time, the page and its information are listed in your name in the huge Google database or other search engines.


When you hide a page of your site from the search engine bots with the help of special programming codes or WordPress plugins so that it is not indexed and placed in the results, you have no-indexed it.


It means removing a page from the site, from Google results. For example, if we remove the SEO article from the results after it is indexed by Google, we have essentially de-indexed it.


Crawlers are search engine crawlers that crawl the web pages and add new changes to the Google index. (Indexes new pages.)

Crawl Budget

Crawl budget means the number of times that in a period of time, for example, a month, crawling bots visit your site and indexed your pages.

The budget of one site may be 10 times a month and another site more than a few thousand times! How often these bots visit your site and how often they visit you is determined by the quality of the content, the amount of content, your credibility, and your power. In the article, increasing the speed of the index we mentioned some points for improving this issue.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content is another SEO term. If the content you publish on your product page, article, or site is duplicate and copied from another site, Google will consider it as Duplicate Content and reduce your site’s credibility.

Feature Snippet

It has probably been many times that after searching for a word on Google, in the first link, instead of a site, you see a box and get a series of comprehensive information. This is the Featured Snippet. Instead of displaying sites, Google displays information on some words that can summarize the user’s search response. The source of this information is also the front-page sites.

Google Bomb

Google Bomb is a black hat SEO technique that has been widely used in the past. With this technique, a page of your site will reach the first pages of Google by receiving external links on a word that has nothing to do with it.

Google Algorithms

common SEO terms for beginners

Google search engine consists of a series of algorithms. The main activity of Google is helping the core algorithm or googles core. But then other algorithms like Panda and other algorithms have been added to this kernel algorithm to perform better in other activities. For example, the Penguin algorithm helps Google’s core algorithm to combat spam linking on the web.

Google Core Updates

From time to time, Google updates its algorithms to perform better. These updates can be related to the the main algorithm. Google’s core algorithm update is called google core update, which often makes a big difference in search results.


If you want to promote your SEO in the whitest possible way and be a so-called “good boy”, you can use Google guidelines or Google tips. This search engine has placed tips for webmasters on various pages of their article so that they can use them to SEO their site.

Landing page

Different definitions can be given for the landing page. One of its definitions refers to pages that the user enters through search results. That means a page like the one you are reading. But in principle, a landing page is a page that is made for a specific purpose with different details.

For example, the landing page of a store discounts, aims to receive the contact number of the audience or even sell the product. These pages are different from a regular page. If you are interested in reading more about it, read the article on the landing page on our website, vancouver SEO.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a type of SEO site that is done with the help of the Google Pigeon algorithm. This is the issue that causes you to come across sites on the first page that operate only in Vancouver when you search for the term site design in Vancouver.

To SEO a site according to the pigeon algorithm you need the implementation of a series of special and different principles that we mentioned in the article Pigeon Algorithm.

Long Tail keyword

Long-tail keywords! Multi-phase keywords are called long-tail keywords. For example, the word SEO training is a common keyword, but the word SEO training for beginners is a long tail keyword.

 LSI keyword

LSI refers to words that are semantically related to the keyword you are looking for. For example, the word site speed increase has LSIs such as WordPress site speed increase, PAGE SPEED increase, site speed optimization, and…

Using these words in writing a page is one of the most important principles of content SEO.

Negative SEO

What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO can perhaps be considered as a subset of black hat SEO. In negative SEO, webmasters and SEO persons try to introduce their competitors’ site as a rogue site to Google and other search engines instead of optimizing their site and outperform their competitors to win their rankings.

Of course, there are other methods in negative SEO that directly affect the desired website. We mentioned them in the negative SEO article and we suggest that you learn these things well before starting the SEO process so that you can have a good reaction against them in the future.


SERP stands for search engine result page. This concept refers to the same pages that you see after searching for a word on Google. Basically, every SERP page has 10 results from sites. But sometimes, due to the addition of Google ads, this number increases a little.


Redirect is a way to move users and search engine bots from one web page to another. With the help of redirects, you can specify that the user is automatically transferred to page a2 immediately and in a second after entering page a1. There are different types of redirects.


Each page of your website has several sections, all of which I will explain below. The first part, which is at the top of the page, is named header. On most sites, menus, logos, shopping cart icons, and… are placed in the site header.


Footer is the lowest part of the website. In this section, several links are often given to different pages of the site, the icon of trust symbols is placed, a short description of the page is written in about us box, and in addition; Social network icons and. Are also placed.


And finally the sidebar or the side of the site. This section is not found on all sites and some templates have removed it within the pages. Among the details that are placed in the sidebar are:

  • Page links
  • Related Articles
  • Related products
  • And…

What is a Wide Site Link? The 3 sections above are repeated in the same way on all pages of your site. If you pay attention, the sidebar, footer, and header of this article are the same as the rest of the articles on the vancouver SEO site. Due to this issue, if you put a link within these 3 sections, that link will be repeated on all pages of the site and will gain a lot of power.

Such links are called sitewide links. Of course, you should be aware that placing any link from the site in this section is not the right thing to do.


Breadcrumbs are the links that often show your current location on the site at the top of the page. The presence of these links on the pages of the site improves the user experience and can improve the SEO of the site.

Page 404

404 pages are pages that do not exist on the site!! If we delete this article common SEO terms on the vancouver SEO site, the link will become a 404 page. That is, the user after entering it, encounters a blank page and a 404 error in it.

This is extremely dangerous for your SEO.

Broken Link

Another SEO specialty term! Broken links are links from your site that are given to the 404 pages of your own site or the 404 pages of other sites. Having these links on your site will harm your SEO. In The article on page 404 we also mentioned these links and how to find them.

Site cache

What is site caching? Site speed is one of the most important points in SEO and cache is one of the techniques to increase site speed. In this way, with the help of the cache feature, fixed parts of your site such as images, sidebar content, and… are saved on the users browser on the first visit, when they visit your site.

Then the next time the user logs in to the site, they will quickly see the content without having to re-download a large part of the site in the browser. Activating the cache on the site can be done by the administrator with the help of a plugin.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is the text by which you link to a page of a web page. For example, the text below is an Anchor Text:

This text can be a site address, an emoticon, irrelevant text, and … instead of a phrase. Remember that Anchor Text is an important issue in site link building and Google is very focused on them.

Canonical tag

Another SEO term is the canonical tag. This is an HTML tag that tells search engines about your site pages. You can use this tag on pages similar to your own to show Google that the content of these pages is not duplicate and should basically index one of them as the home page.

Call To Action

Call to Action (CTA) is a marketing concept. In the articles, you have seen many times that we asked you directly to do something. For example, I said: ((If you are interested in reading more about a subject, refer to its article)) This is my request from you, a CTA or action.

CTAs come in many forms. Such as the texts or the button and… the existence of this concept is especially necessary for the landing page.


Co-Citation is the ability of Google to understand the content around the link. In the past, SEO persons used direct anchor text to link to their website. For example, if they were going to create external links for the SEO training page, they would link to it directly and with the same anchor text.

But for several years now, Google has been sensitive to this issue and considers the increase of direct anchor texts as a sign of spam links. In this case, another solution was created that would allow them to use fewer direct anchor texts.

In the Co-Citation technique, the SEO person creates the link with an irrelevant inline text such as “Please Click” or “Source” and… Next, along with this link, uses the relevant keywords in plain text. In this way, the search engine automatically notices the connection between this link and the words and transmits their power to the landing page.

Domain Authority and Page Authority

Domain authority is the privilege that Google considers to rank your entire website. This score is determined by your background, content quality, and other SEO influences.

In addition, page authority is the score that this search engine will consider for each page of your site. Note that no tool can accurately show you how credible your pages or your entire site are to Google. But the Moz website, with the help of its tools, relatively measures your credit with Google and informs you about it.

Spam Score

Another score that Google considers for each site is spam score. This score refers to the amount of inappropriate and suspicious activities of the site in SEO. This means that the higher your domain spam score, the less credit you have with Google. Webmasters do not have the exact tools to calculate this score, but the Moz website measures it for you.

Google Dance

This is the name of one of Google’s algorithms. Google Dance algorithm was introduced a few years ago and it will cause cross-sectional changes in site rankings. By this algorithm, your site may rank from page 5 of Google increase to page 2 or page 1 in a few days. The reason for this is that Google wants to see user feedback on various websites. If the user feedback is positive (bounce rate, click-through rate), your ranking on the first pages may be fixed.

Google Sandbox

What is the Google SandBox algorithm?

Another SEO term is Google Sandbox. Webmasters say that if you set up a website, Google will first move it into a sandbox. In this way, for one to several months, without giving you a specific ranking, it simply analyzes your behavior to make sure that you are a useful and quality site and that users are supposed to enjoy your viewing. After that, it will gradually take you out of this state and rank your site pages according to the power you have in SEO.

Google Honeymoon

There isnt enough information about Google Honeymoon and its sandbox. But according to research, every page of your website after the publication may go to the first pages of Google for a short time. This is done to check the user behavior towards your page. If the behavior and feedback are positive, the chances of the page staying the same as the first result increase.

According to webmasters, Google Honeymoon sometimes runs for novice sites; But due to the existence of sandboxes, Google Dance algorithm, and we can’t surely distinguish the activities of Google in contrast to web pages.

 Keyword Density

Keyword density is one of the most influential points on SEO content. In the past, Google set a certain percentage of keyword density for your content to make sure it was SEO-quality. (Between 1 and 5%)

For example, to write an SEO term article, you had to repeat it at least 10 to 20 times in 5,000 words. But today, due to the importance of user behavior, the LSI key words and …we can no longer set a exact keyword density for a text, and it is better not to be particularly sensitive to it.

Keyword Stuffing

This is an expired black hat SEO technique. By this, users repeated the keyword several times and too many times to trick the search engine into telling them that their content is the best in terms of seo. to better understand, just Imagine a thousand-word article with 100 keyword repetitions! Today, using this method only reduces the position of the page.

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