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In the SEO training section, SEO techniques for improving the site’s ranking in search engine pages and increasing organic traffic are fully explained. These trainings are suitable for beginners and advanced people. Here it is assumed that you are familiar with simple HTML, XHTML, CSS and SS technologies. If you have already designed a site, by reading SEO training articles, you will understand the concepts of SEO well.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is all about site optimization for search engines. SEO is a way to: – Website design and development with the aim of good ranking in search engines – Improving the volume and quality of organic site traffic Marketing based on how search engines work and what visitors may be looking for. SEO is a subset of search engine marketing. These days, most of the techniques used to advertise sites in search engines deal with text. If you are planning to do SEO from the ground up, you need to know more about how search engines work in advance.

How do search engines work?

Search engines perform several activities to provide search results: crawling: The process of fetching all pages linked to a site. This is done by a software called crawler, spider or Google robot. Indexing: The process of indexing all fetched web pages and storing them in a very large database that can later be retrieved from this database. Basically, the indexing process is the identification of words and phrases that best describe the content of the site page and the specific keywords assigned to that page. Processing: When a search query arrives, the search engine starts processing the query. That is, it compares the search keyword in the search query with the indexed pages in its database. Link calculation: It is possible that more than one page contains the search keyword. So the search engine starts calculating the relevance of each indexed page to the keyword phrase. Retrieval Results: The last step of search engine activity is retrieving the best matched results. Basically, this is the stage where the user sees the results on the search engine. Although the principle of performance of all search engines is the same, slight differences between algorithms lead to fundamental changes in the display of results.

What is the meaning of search engine ranking?

When you search for any keyword using a search engine, the search engine displays thousands of results in the database. Page rank is compared to the position of web pages displayed in search engine results. If the search engine puts your site page in the first position, your site page rank will be one and it will have the highest ranking in that keyword. SEO is the design and development of a website with the aim of achieving the highest ranking in search engine results.

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