What is Cornerstone?

Cornerstone content is the core of your website. This type of content is one of the best and most important articles on a site. Cornerstone articles are usually informative and relatively long articles that include tips from other posts on the site and cover all the important points about a particular topic that this type of article has a great impact on SEO.

The focus of this type of content is on providing the best and most information on a particular topic. Cornerstone content can be a blog post or a page of a site, But the important thing in producing this kind of content is that you should have a comprehensive and complete article and update them regularly. Later in this article, we will discuss why Cornerstone is important and how we can link and create this type of article.

why Corner Stone Content is important in SEO?

Cornerstone content plays an important role in SEO. It may be difficult to get to the top rankings on Google by using competing terms. If you are writing a lot of articles on similar topics, you need to identify the most important ones for search engine crawlers. If you do not do this, you will lose your chance for a good ranking in the search results. Therefore, providing the correct internal link structure between website posts informs google about your most important article.

Link Structures for cornerstone content

Cornerstone articles have a special role in your website. Ideally, your audience should be able to access your cornerstone articles directly from the home page. Also, other posts on similar topics should link to the cornerstone article, so the importance of Cornerstone content is clear from the structure of your site. As your site develops, you will write several articles, each of them will link to the cornerstone in some way. This structure of internal links increases the chances of your cornerstone articles ranking in Google searches.

The following example may help you understand this better:

Imagine you’re looking at a map of a country. Small towns and big cities are all connected in some way. But for sure roads leading to big cities will be much longer than the roads leading to small cities. These big cities are your cornerstone content that receive more links. Small towns are Your posts that are about more specific on some topics; So, some roads (links) lead to them, but not as much as the roads lead to big cities.

What is Cornerstone?

What content on our site is considered Corner Stone?

Choose your Cornerstone articles carefully. this would be four or five pages you would like someone to read when visiting your website; so, choose wisely. These articles should be cornerstone of your site content. Which articles are most important to you? Which are the most complete and authoritative?

If your website has a lot of content and pages, you will have more cornerstone. You will probably write about more than one topic, so choose a cornerstone article for each group.

5 steps to cornerstone content

For the best result you should do extensive keyword research so you can write an engaging, long, informative, and beautiful cornerstone. But if you do not have enough time or if you have already written a lot of articles, what should you do and how do you create good cornerstone content? For this purpose, you can use the keyword suggestion tool to find the right choice for the main words of your article. Don’t forget to follow these 5 golden steps so you can write the best Cornerstone content.

Step 1: find Your Keywords

You need to find the keywords you want to rank within Google. Your content should be optimized for keywords or highly competitive keywords, so be sure to research for the best keywords.

Step 2: Choose the best post.

Browse posts that are optimized for the most important keywords. Which post do you think is the best? That post will be your cornerstone.

Step 3: Rewrite it.

Rewrite your Cornerstone article. Fix it and make that SEO-friendly. Since cornerstone articles are usually long, pay more attention to their readability. Make sure you use a lot of headings. also, it’s better to have an index at the beginning. Expand your article and make sure it is fully up to date.

Step 4: Optimize the content.

Your other blog posts on topics similar to Corner Stone’s article should be optimized by using a variety of trailing keywords.

Step 5: Linking

You need to tell Google that your new Corner Stone article is the most important content on that topic; So, do not forget to link from all the articles tp your cornerstone content.

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